On Friday 6th, 2018, software engineering students from 12 Vocational School Malang visited Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (UDINUS), Semarang. The visitation was an industrial visitation activity to make students motivated to learn about software and IT.
UDINUS was very welcome to educate them, that study at computer major is easy and fun. It was one of UDINUS ways to improve the knowledge of Indonesian students. The materials were given by the Head of Information System Study Program, Affandy M.Kom, Ph.D and a lecturer from Informatics Engineering Study Program, Ardytha Luthfiarta M.Kom.
Affandy M.Kom, Ph.D said that educating young generation is very important, specially educating them about the importance of studying at university, and choosing the right majors, so that in the future they will be able to work at the workplace that accordance with their passion. According to Affandy, nowadays, there are a lot of graduates who work at workplaces that don’t match with their educational background because they chose the wrong major back in the University. Through the visitation, Udinus also educated them about the scope of career in computer world.
Affandy added that study at University is very important, because one of the requirements for job applicants in this era is having a lot of knowledge. "The visitation from 12 Vocational School Malang has been done by many high schools and vocational schools. At the same time, we use it to promote UDINUS, "he said. He hoped that the students of 12 Vocational School Malang could continue their study till University level because in the future, they will not only compete with fellow Indonesian, but also with foreign graduates. 
Meanwhile, the Head of Software Program of 12 Vocational School Malang, Dian Astuti explained that the visitation was to give visions to students so that students can choose majors that accordance with their passion. 
The head of UDINUS’ Public Relation, Agus Triyono, S. Sos, Msi mentioned that UDINUS will always facilitate high schools and vocational schools that want to visit and gain knowledge in UDINUS. "Study at university is very important in this modern era because the competition in the career world is getting tight," he concluded. (* PR / Alex; Picture by: Alex Devanda)

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