As it is written in the Permenristekdikti Number 20 of 2017 about lecturer profession allowance and honorable professor allowance, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) want to to encourage professors and lecturers to write international journals.
Although there were pros cons, the policy proved that it could increase the number of international publications in Indonesia including from UDINUS’ lecturers that trying complete the policy from Kemeristekdikti."Besides completing Kemenristekdikti’s policy, the publication can also give positive effect to the society, the development of Science and Technology, as well as the improvement of nation competitiveness, "said Heru Agus Santoso, PhD as the Head of Informatics Engineering Program Faculty of Computer Science (FIK) UDINUS at the opening of Indexed Journal by Scopus Management Training.
A lot of FIK’s lecturers have submitted journal to the publisher in international level, but there’s always obstacles that they face. In the training, the lecturers shared their ideas to each other. "We provide everything that the lecturers need, start from the registration, accommodation, until the incentives. All of that is to encourage them to be more eager in writing journals, especially international journals, "added Heru Agus.
The training presented Dr. Ir Djoko Sutarno from Universitas Bina Nusantara who is also an assessor of National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN-PT), and Dr. Husni Teja Sukmana, ST, MSc from Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University, Jakarta. Djoko Sutarno explained that publishing journal regularly based on the month will give plus point to the author. He also explained that exchanging papers between universities could also help the references of the journal as long as the supply and the demand is balanced. Husni Teja highlighted the problems that the authors might face such as the content and also the layout. “The arrangement of tables, columns, or page movements in journals should be noticed carefully. And if it is possible, universities should have a professional reader, who can supervise the writing and translation from Indonesian to English, "said Husni Teja
Various training with various speakers for journal writing is routinely held in each faculty in UDINUS, the purpose is to encourage lecturers to write journals. "This is UDINUS’ way to contribute to the society, because the publication of journals can give positive effect, "explained the Head of UDINUS’ Public Relations, Agus Triyono, MSi. (* PR / Ning; Picture by: Nining Sekar)

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