Indonesian Youtuber, Manuel Chandra Budijono became the speaker in a seminar of photography at Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (UDINUS). The seminar was held on Monday, April 9th, 2018 on the 7th floor of H building. 
Manuel taught 200 students of Faculty of Computer Science (FIK) of UDINUS how to become a reliable Youtuber that has a lot of subscribers. "Being a Youtuber should never be afraid of mistakes, because mistakes will become lessons and that is a key to success," he said.
He explained that a Youtuber must have a concept and preparation before making a content. According to him, not ignoring comments could support the successfulness of a Youtuber. "Comment from youtube lovers is like buyers in a supermarket that should be prioritized and responded. As a Youtuber, we must be ready to receive critics if our videos still have many lacks. Preparation must also be prepared, start from the script until the storyboard, so the story will be coherent, "he explained
He added that the main tool should also be considered for Youtubers in Indonesia especially UDINUS. According to Manuel, high specification and medium high quality tools are needed. "It will be easier for Youtubers to gain a lot of subscribers, if they have high specification and quality tools. Laptops and cameras are the main tools to make vlogs. everything should have a medium to upper specifications, such as laptops, are recommended to have an Intel i5 processor and SSD storage to speed up video processing, "he added.
He hoped that UDINUS as a famous campus with its technology is able to produce talented Youtubers, because in this era, become a Youtuber is one of the ways to get money. “It requires at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 show times in 12 months to gain money as a Youtuber. Indeed, it is a bit difficult for new Youtubers, but if we create videos that have good contents and can educate people, we will have a lot of subscribers. A lot of practices are also important to make us not look awkward in front of the camera, "he concluded.
Meanwhile, the Head of UDINUS’ Public Relation, Agus Triyono S. Sos, Msi mentioned that the modern era cannot be separated from the technology, and UDINUS will always provide the needs of the society. “With various teaching methods applied in each faculty, we will always create students with good attitude and ability, "he concluded. (* PR / Alex; Picture by: Nining Sekar)

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