On Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 about 150 social workers visited Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (UDINUS). The purpose of the visitation was to learn about entrepreneurship as UDINUS is known as an entrepreneurship campus. The visitation was welcomed by UDINUS’ Vice Rector III of Student Affairs on the 7th floor of H Building. Vice Rector III of Student Affairs, Dr Kusni Ingsih, MM said that “Udinus is very open to anyone who wants to share or gain knowledge at UDINUS. As today, we will provide knowledge about online marketing strategy ".
The visitation was under Social Service of Central Java Government and there were representatives from each 35 regency city in Central Java. Each district / city sent 3 representatives in this visitation. Social Service of Central Java Government asked UDINUS to provide material on “Online Marketing Strategy of Potential Regional Product." The material was delivered by Imam Nuryanto, SE, MM, a lecturer from the Faculty of Economics and Business as well as the head of UDINUS’ UPT Entrepreneurship.
In his speech, Imam explained that there were various marketing strategies that can be done by the social workers in their region. "of course for each region has different characteristics of buyers that need different treatments, so analyzing the type of buyers in the specific region should be done first, then set the appropriate price, and the last is sell the product to increase the potential of the region itself, "said Imam.
The participants were also taught how to create email, simple website, and also chose platform to sell their product. The participants were expected to be aware of the development of technology moreover in the social media era. 
At the end of the event UDINUS’ Vice Rector III gave a merchandise to the Social Empowerment Division representative of Central Java Government, Arisman Kusyanto. (* PR / Ning; Picture by: Nining Sekar)

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