Adinda Agustin, a student from Public Health Study Program of Faculty of Health (FKes) of Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (UDINUS) won as the 1st Winner of Environmental ambassador 2018, Semarang. With the achievement, Adinda is ready to help the government of Semarang in improving the environment. The event was organized by Peer Kompas (Komunitas Peduli Sahabat) on Sunday, April 15th, 2018.
Beating dozens of participants from high school and universities in Semarang, Adinda got full support from UDINUS. "we fully support Adinda from the beginning and we are also support the programs as the faculty that concern with health matters, we have a responsibility to solve everything that related to public health”, said Ratih Pramitassari, MPH as student coordinator of FKes UDINUS.
Later on, the Environmental Ambassador would promote Semarang inside and outside the country. There will be a lot of target about the environment that will be improved especially the marginal area in Semarang that have a lot of lack in various aspects. "The knowledge that I have learned from university will be very useful when I serving as the Environment Ambassador 2018, Semarang later on," said Adinda.
Adinda said that Semarang which located in the center of central java already have a good drainage and also a good understanding of health, but was is totally different in the marginal area. "The housing is not proper and the sanitation is still bad. Education is the best thing to improve it, "She said on Tuesday, April 17th, 2018.
Environmental Ambassador 2018 Semarang is not just a title, there is a big responsibility that attached to it. "I and the other winners are still discussing what strategy that we will run in the future. Semarang need young people who care about the environment, especially in the globalization era, where young people are completely ignorant about their surroundings. Who would take care of the environment if it is not us,” she said.
In addition, the Head of UDINUS’ Public Relation, Agus Triyono, S. Sos, MSi concluded that UDINUS would always support its students who participate in any kind of positive competition. It is expected that UDINUS’ students are able to get as much as achievements from the competition held by the government or even from private parties. “One student that becomes a champion will certainly motivate other students, that is what we always count on to promote UDINUS,” he concluded. (* PR: Alex; Picture from: Doc FKes)

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