400 students of Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (UDINUS) celebrated The National Education Day (Hardiknas) by conducting a ceremony at the yard of G building. It was one of the activities to enhance the youth nationalism towards heroes' struggles.
Indonesia always celebrates May 2nd as The National Education Day as well as the birthday of Ki Hadjar Dewantara. Ki Hadjar Dewantara is a nation hero who tirelessly fight for the fate of Indonesian people in order to obtain a decent education during the colonial era. During the Dutch colonial era in Indonesia, only the Dutch and rich people could get an education, while Indonesian people deliberately uneducated.
The Head of UDINUS’ Student Affairs Bureau, Rindra Yusianto, S. Kom, M. T said that UDINUS’ goal was to encourage students to understand the struggle of the heroes. The fading of youth nationalism must be responded as soon as possible with various nationalism activities. "UDINUS continues to improve the nationalism of UDINUS students by conducting ceremonies in the historic days of Indonesia. Not only that, refreshing leadership activities about loving the homeland are also taught, "He said on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018.
He also said that the young generation had to be prepared to face the industrial revolution 4.0 in order to be able to balance the technology and the human resources. Both of the elements must be upgraded equally in order to avoid problems. Previously, the government has grouped various industries that will improve during the industrial revolution 4.0 which is food and beverage industries, textiles, automotive, electronics, and chemicals. The five types of industries are set to be the prime industries in order to improve the competitiveness that is in line with the development of fourth generation industries. "Kemenristekdikti has commanded universities to prepare themselves the human resources. UDINUS continues to improve the human resources in terms of soft skill and hard skills, "he said.
The Head of UDINUS’ Public Relations, Agus Triyono S. Sos, MSi concluded that nationalism was the most important and would always be the main priority of UDINUS in teaching students. "We have some courses that can improve the sense of nationalism. We are also taught various student activities to be able to avoid radicalism in Indonesia," he concluded. (* PR / Alex; Photo by: Alex

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