Tourism in Central Java is very potential to be explored and developed. Provincial government cooperates with various parties to make tourism sector in central java could get more profits for the province and also for the people.
As a young generation who care about the potential of her region, Dinda Saraswati a student of Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (UDINUS), raised a theme "Digital Marketing Strategy to Improve Tourism sector in Central Java" in the outstanding student event (Mawapres) in kopertis level region VI. In the event, Dinda was crowned as the 3rd winner and entitled to represent Central Java to the Mawapres in national level.
"There are a lot of tourism potential in Central Java, but all of them are not well exposed, so the number of tourists who come are not much. Because of that, in the Scientific Writing (KTI) that I made for this Mawapres, I discuss about Digital Marketing Strategy to increase the tourism sites in Central Java, "said Dinda on Monday, Mei 7th, 2018.
Dinda became the 3rd winner in the Kopertis level Region VI after defeating participants from 200 Private Universities (PTS) in Central Java. Later on, the top 6 of the Mawapres Kopertis region VI can go to Mawapres in national level to compete with outstanding students from state and private universities throughout Indonesia.
"For Mawapres in national level, there will be a new touch in the KTI such as the idea of making an application that provides complete information about tourism site in Central Java. The application not only contains information about the accommodation and transportation, but also there are folklores that are packed in augmented reality / digital comics. The purpose is to make tourists who come to Central Java are familiar with the history of the tourism site, "said Dinda, student of Communication Study Program, UDINUS.
Dinda is currently preparing herself to the National Mawapres. In the middle of May 2018, it will be announced the top 15 National Mawapres, those who pass can follow the quarantine and the election process to be crowned as the winner of National Mawapres. UDINUS’ Vice Rector III of Student Affairs, Dr. Kusni Ingsih, MM who supervised this activity said that she would continue to accompany Dinda to be able to be excel in the national level. 
"UDINUS’ Student Affairs provides maximum support for Dinda, in order to compete in the National Mawapres so that the struggle is not in vain, and can make UDINUS proud, "said Kusni when accompanying Dinda handed Mawapres champions Cup in Kopertis level of region VI to UDINUS’ Rector.
UDINUS supervise outstanding students since they are a freshman. The head of UDINUS’ Public Relation, Agus Triyono, MSi is optimistic about Dinda's efforts in the National Mawapres. "Dinda is a university-level Mawapres who passes to a higher level. In our campus, the selection is held in each faculty, so that potential students can be prepared to be excel, "said Agus. (* PR & Photo by: Alex Devanda)

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