The low sale of tomato dates becomes the inspiration for five students of Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (UDINUS) to create a new chocolate innovation. The innovation is called Chocomart, a chocolate product made of tomato dates (torakur).
The five students are Ibroza Fakhorin Niam, Amir Faisal Zuhridin, Efga David Gratitude, Daud Hizballoh D, and Tantri Fitriani Nadila all of them are from Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB).
Chocomart has three main ingredients namely tomato dates, chocolate and almonds. Tomato dates become the basic ingredient because it has a good combination with chocolate and almond is used to disguise the smell of tomato dates. Tomato date, a typical fruit from Bandungan is a fruit that has the same taste and shape like date fruit. The only difference is that tomato date has no seed and the color is slightly reddish. Tomato date has sweet taste and it is also has many benefits and vitamins. "This is an innovation we make to create a new sensation for chocolate lovers with high vitamins and minerals," said Ibroza Fakhorin Niam, Chairman of Chocomart products.
According to Ibroza, besides focusing on the product quality, they also focused on packaging and marketing. In terms of marketing, there is a barcode in the packaging that makes buyers can find where Chocomart is marketed. In terms of packaging, Chocomart uses aluminum foil to avoid overheating on shipping.
Chocomart has 2 packaging, big size packaging with 11 chocolate bar and Romantic Couple packaging with 4 chocolate bar that has various flavor such as strawberry chocolate and also dark chocolate. “We have been marketed Chocomart since a month ago in April 2018. Our market is still in Semarang area and people can order our product through our Instagram, @Chocomart8077. The ordering system is still preorder. This product is still easily to melt so we use aluminum foil to make it durable, "Ibroza said.
Ibroza hoped that Chocomart could be liked not only by the younger generation but also the elderly. In addition, Chocomart is also a breakthrough for people to be able to fulfil their daily nutrients. "The combination of the two ingredients make Chocomart has a lot of vitamins and also healthy. People can be healthy and we also keep educate them about the benefits of our products on our Instagram, "Ibroza concluded. (* PR & Picture by: Alex Devanda)

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