150 students attended Leadership Training and Student Management - Management Level (LKMM-TM) with theme "Smart Leader Smart Generation," held by BEM-KM of Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (UDINUS) on Friday, May 11th, 2018. The purpose of the event was to encourage students’ nationalism.
The LKMM-TM was held on the 7th floor of D building, attended by UDINUS’ Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Edi Noersasongko, M.Kom, Vice Rector III of Student Affairs, Kusni Ingsih, Head of Student Affairs Bureau, Rindra Yusianto, SKom, MT, and the ranks of lecturers in the Bureau of Student Affairs. "Let’s keep the peace, UDINUS is free from politics and radicalism that can cause chaos. Let’s support our campus by encouraging students’ achievements that can support government’s programs, "said Edi Noersasongko in his speech.
From thousands of universities in Indonesia, UDINUS is one of the 68 universities that get an A accreditation. It shows that UDINUS has been recognized by the community, both in terms of teaching and learning process, student achievement, and also the benefit to the community. "Hopefully UDINUS can produce the generation of leadership. Not only produces leaders who has the capability to lead, but also adaptive in society, "added Edi.
The leadership material in LKM-TM was delivered by Vice Rector III of Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta, Prof. Dr. Ir. Darsono, MSi, who is also the Chairman of the Society of Student Affairs Bureau of all universities throughout Indonesia. Darsono highlighted the differences between leaders and Boss. He explained “bosses are those who are created by formal legal because of its utility, while leaders are those who can inspire and mobilize the spirit. Qualified leaders are those who can understand the identity of the nation, and apply it in every decision-making. The foundation of religion is still needed, and always provide useful innovations for the humanity.”
The LKMM-TM was also opened the activity of KKN (KKN) and the activity of community service which was done by UDINUS in Sumowono District of Semarang Regency on Saturday 12th –Sunday 13th. The KKN was held in 5 villages namely Bumen, Piyanggang, Keseneng, Mendongan, and Kemawi. There were many of activities during the KKN including ‘plangisasi’, sanitation, submission of books to village’s libraries, delivery of praying tables and praying gown, and also there were various training for the villages such as healthy internet to entrepreneurship.

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