Just like the other agencies, organizations, and institutions in the community, UDINUS held various Ramadan activities annually to strengthen Islam, the awareness of surrounding and also care to others. 
The theme of this year event is ‘Ramadan, the holy month to be a better individual. There are various activities in this event such as Islamic study before breaking the fast, breaking the fast, Praying, and also reading Al- Quran. Those activities can be followed by all academicians every day from Monday till Thursday at 5 pm. The Islamic study have different topic and different speakers every day. After studying, there’s always breaking the fast together held in the area of UDINUS’ mosque namely Baitul Ilmi and Baitul Mutaqien mosque. UDINUS provides food and drink for more than 2000 people every day. The Head of UDINUS’ Public Relation, Agus Triyono, MSi said that usually the food and drink was consumed by UDINUS’ students, lecturers, employees, and also people in UDINUS’ area. 
After breaking the fast, the activity continued with the Magrib prayer, Isha prayer, and Tarawih prayer. After praying, the activity is reading Al-Quran. In addition to daily routine activities during Ramadan, there are also special events such as Special ‘Ngabuburit’ which is held every on Monday and Thursday, filled by special speakers. Besides that, there will be Nuzulul Quran, Khataman Al-Quran, Social Activity, ‘Itikaf’ and Subuh prayer together, and Halal Bi Halal.
"All of the activities are not only to strengthen Islam but also to keep the relationship among UDINUS’ academicians," Agus concluded. (* PR / Alex / AT Photo: dock)

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