To support E-Gamelanku at United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on June 28th until July 1st, Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (UDINUS) held UDINUS Art Appreciation 2018 on the 3rd floor of E building. The event was held on Tuesday, June 5th, 2018 with theme 'UDINUS’ Art Appreciation for UNESCO' and attended by more than 250 guests including The Mayor of Semarang City, artists, and also students. 
Vice Rector I of Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr Supriadi Rustad, MSi, said that the event was to support as well as rehears E-Gamelanku before heading to UNESCO. "We perform three songs on the event namely E-gamelanku, Bedhaya Nuswantoro, and Jurit Nuswantoro. E-Gamelanku performance at UNESCO is our dream and will be realized soon, "he said.
He added that the event was also discussed about Gamelan filled by experts on the field. In addition, ‘perang kembang’ and ‘cipat cipit’ were also performed by the students. "The Rector, Prof. Dr. Edi Noersasongko, and the famous celebrity Prie GS were also become speakers on the event. In addition, Central Java Police Chief, Inspector General Pol Condro Kirono and the mayor of Semarang, Hendrar Prihadi also attended and became one of the speakers in the discussion, "he said.
About 30 people, 15 students and 15 lecturers will perform at UNESCO at the end of June. Besides perform at UNESCO, UDINUS’ E-Gamelanku will perform at Animation Park Disneyland and also at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Paris, France.
Previously, E-gamelanku also performed at international level in June and July 2010 in Taiwan and Singapore. UDINUS has also acquired Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) on my E-gamelanku, which can also be downloaded directly on PlayStore.
The Head of UDINUS’ Public Relations as well as one of the lecturers who will perform at UNESCO, Agus Triyono, S. Sos, M.Si said that the invitation to UNESCO is an honor and also a platform to preserve Indonesian heritage. "We performed all out on the Art Appreciation event in order to be able to give the best at UNESCO. It’s an honor for us and for Indonesia invited by UNESCO, "said Agus. (* PR / alx / AT; Picture by: Nining Sekar)

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