I'm delighted to welcome you to Universitas Dian Nuswantoro Bachelor of Informatics Distance Learning Study Program. We are among Indonesia's top centers for computer science education and research. Our goal is to establish ourselves as a leading academic program in informatics, particularly in software, network, and intelligent data science systems. Our academic curriculum, which supports all of your employment goals, also employs the notion of technological entrepreneurship. The need for computer science professionals is high, as it has been for many years. The Bachelor of Informatics Distance Learning Study Program provides the most incredible resources for developing graduate jobs as junior data scientists, software engineers, network engineers, programmers, and technopreneurs responding to these needs. Both theoretical and practical knowledge is provided through our program by learning distance using KULINO Learning Management System. Additionally, our students have the excellent chance to study with top professors, researchers, and practitioners from across the globe. I encourage you to explore our website ( more to find out more about our study programs. Please get in touch with me if you want further details.


Head of PJJ Informatics Study Program
Dr. Ricardus Anggi Pramunendara S.Kom,. M.CS


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"By 2026, we will have developed a unique national and worldwide renowned distance education undergraduate study program in informatics, namely software engineering, network engineering, and intelligent systems, with a technopreunership spirit."


1. Organizing undergraduate informatics distant learning programs to worldwide standards. Software engineering, network engineering, and intelligent systems with a spirit of entrepreneurship are the areas of informatics science that are emphasized.

2. Conduct research to advance science and technology for intelligent systems, network engineering, and software engineering that is good for the country's growth.

3. Engage in providing services to the general public and the professional community in the area of informatics, particularly communities pertinent to developing software engineering, network engineering, and intelligent systems, with a spirit of entrepreneurship.

4. Partnering with business, the government, and alumni students to foster entrepreneurship in informatics and other sectors related to it that are good for society.

  1. Programing
  2. Software engineering
  3. Data Scientist
  4. Network engineering
  5. Technopreneurship 

  1. Network Industry
  2. National companies, Private firms, Bank and Foreign-owned Enterprise in the computer field
  3. Software House, IT Preneur, and IT Company

  1. The ability with a technopreunership mentality, grasp and use problem-solving approaches, and adapt to the circumstances at hand based on fundamental concepts in computer science, notably software engineering, network engineering, and intelligent systems.
  2. Mastering general theoretical computer science principles in public and academic concepts in specific parts and identifying, interpreting, and designing real-world problem-solving procedures.
  3. Having experience working on relevant and straightforward projects, capable of making the appropriate judgments based on the analysis of information and data, and guiding in choosing many alternative solutions alone and in groups.
  4. Having a commitment to learning and adapting to quick changes might spark a shift or connect with other disciplines of study.
  5. Have the qualities of character, responsibility, teamwork, organization, and communication.


Sosialisasi dan Promosi PJJ Informatika - 2022


No Name NIDN Current Education Position


Course Code Course Name T/P SKS Smt Syllabus RPKPS
A18.11101 Kalkulus 1 T 3 1 Ada Ada
A18.11102 Matematika Diskrit T 3 1 Ada Ada
A18.11103 Fisika 1 T 3 1 Ada Ada
A18.11104 Logika Informatika T 3 1 Ada Ada
A18.11105 Dasar Pemrograman TP 4 1 Ada Ada
A18.11201 Kalkulus 2 T 3 2 Ada Ada
A18.11202 Matriks dan Ruang Vektor T 3 2 Ada Ada
A18.11203 Algoritma dan Pemrograman TP 4 2 Ada Ada
A18.11204 Pemrograman Berbasis Web P 2 2 Ada Ada
A18.11205 Organisasi dan Arsitektur Komputer T 3 2 Ada Ada
A18.11206 Jaringan Komputer TP 3 2 Ada Ada
A18.11207 Pendidikan Pancasila T 2 2 Ada Ada
A18.11301 Probabilitas dan Statistik T 3 3 Ada Ada
A18.11302 Struktur Data TP 4 3 Ada Ada
A18.11303 Basis Data T 3 3 Ada Ada
A18.11304 Rekayasa Perangkat Lunak T 3 3 Ada Ada
A18.11305 Pemrograman Web Lanjut P 2 3 Ada Ada
A18.11306 Sistem Operasi T 3 3 Ada Ada
A18.113061 Pendidikan Agama Islam T 2 6 Ada Ada
A18.113062 Pendidikan Agama Katolik T 2 6 Ada Ada
A18.113063 Pendidikan Agama Kristen T 2 6 Ada Ada
A18.113064 Pendidikan Agama Hindu T 2 6 Ada Ada
A18.113065 Pendidikan Agama Budha T 2 6 Ada Ada
A18.113066 Pendidikan Agama Kong Hu Chu T 2 6 Ada Ada
A18.11307 Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan T 2 3 Ada Ada
A18.11401 Teori Bahasa Otomata T 3 4 Ada Ada
A18.11402 Kecerdasan Buatan T 3 4 Ada Ada
A18.11403 Strategi Algoritma T 3 4 Ada Ada
A18.11404 Pemrograman Perangkat Bergerak TP 3 4 Ada Ada
A18.11405 Sistem Basis Data T 3 4 Ada Ada
A18.11406 Pemrograman Berorientasi Objek TP 4 4 Ada Ada
A18.11407 Dasar Kewirausahaan T 2 4 Ada Ada
A18.11501 Etika Profesi T 2 5 Ada Ada
A18.11502 Proyek Perangkat Lunak TP 4 5 Ada Ada
A18.11503 Sistem Informasi T 3 5 Ada Ada
A18.11504 Interaksi Manusia dan Komputer T 3 5 Ada Ada
A18.11505 Rekayasa Perangkat Lunak Lanjut T 3 5 Ada Ada
A18.11506 Manajemen Proyek T 3 5 Ada Ada
A18.11600 Bahasa Inggris T 2 6 Ada Ada
A18.11601 Teknik Pengolahan Data T 3 6 Ada Ada
A18.11602 Pembelajaran mesin T 3 6 Ada Ada
A18.11603 Tata tulis karya ilmiah T 2 6 Ada Ada
A18.11604 Teknik presentasi T 2 6 Ada Ada
A18.11605 Rekayasa Kebutuhan Perangkat Lunak T 3 6 Ada Ada
A18.11606 Pemrograman Game T 3 6 Ada Ada
A18.11607 Keamanan Sistem Komputer T 3 6 Ada Ada
A18.11608 Pemodelan dan Simulasi T 3 6 Ada Ada
A18.11609 Manajemen Jaringan T 3 6 Ada Ada
A18.11610 Metode Numerik T 3 6 Ada Ada
A18.11700 Bahasa Indonesia T 2 7 Ada Ada
A18.11701 Bimbingan Karier T 2 7 Ada Ada
A18.11702 Kerja Praktek T 2 7 Ada Ada
A18.11703 Metodologi Penelitian T 3 7 Ada Ada
A18.11704 Tugas Akhir 1 T 2 7 Ada Ada
A18.11705 Pengolahan data T 3 7 Ada Ada
A18.11706 Desain dan implementasi T 3 7 Ada Ada
A18.11707 Kriptografi dan Keamanan Jaringan T 3 7 Ada Ada
A18.11801 Tugas Akhir 2 T 4 8 Ada Ada
A18.11802 Data mining T 3 8 Ada Ada
A18.11803 Kualitas dan pengujian perangkat lunak T 3 8 Ada Ada
A18.11804 Sistem Paralel dan Terdistribusi T 3 8 Ada Ada
AF201701 Pengantar Teknologi Informasi T 2 1 Ada Ada
AF201702 Literasi Informasi T 2 7 Ada Ada
AF201704 Dasar Dasar Komputasi P 2 1 Ada Ada


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