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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Peace be upon us all. 

Thank God it is offered to Allah SWT for His ridho and gift so that the website of the Information Systems Study Program (Kediri City Campus) has been built as an alternative to providing information directly for students and the public to find out about this Study Program further.

The Information Systems Study Program (Kediri City Campus), Faculty of Computer Science, Dian Nuswantoro University Semarang aims at student success, which means success in education, entrepreneurship, and careers in the world of work.The entire Academic Community in the Information Systems Study Program (Kediri City Campus) tries its best to provide an educational environment, facilities, and infrastructure that not only equips them with knowledge and skills related to information system technology but also shapes their character who is disciplined with adequate soft skills and trains students to develop a technopreneurship spirit that is ready and has the potential to make a different business world.

Nowadays, the business world that runs on an information technology platform needs leaders who are able to build and run companies well, create new job opportunities, provide value to products and services, stimulate innovation and face all problems.Related to these competencies, the Information Systems Study Program (Kediri City Campus) also strives to prepare graduates not only with knowledge related to information systems but also students are equipped with business knowledge.

The entire Academic Community in the Study Program encourages the establishment of close relationships between students, lecturers, and faculty staff to facilitate student needs during the learning process so that it is expected to make the study program a place for students and alumni to inspire and cultivate a vision and commitment in the field of information system education.We are proud of the achievements of all components in the study program and faculty so far who are enthusiastic about the vision of the study program, including by providing study program information through this website. Thanks. 

Wassalamualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh 


Head of Kediri Campus Information Systems Study Program


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To be the main choice of study program in the field of information systems that are nationally insightful and characterized by entrepreneurship.


1. Organizing competency-based education in the field of information systems in accordance with scientific developments and the dynamics of community needs.

2. Organizing programs to improve the quality of the academic community to support research and community service.

3. Establish cooperation with various relevant institutions for the development and empowerment of study programs.

4. Exploring and developing the entrepreneurial potential of ethical and responsible academicians.


General Skills:

  1. Have general skills of an undergraduate program.
  2. Able to perform analysis & design using software and hardware engineering rules and algorithms by using tools and can show maximum results and conditions for business applications.
  3. Have the ability to become professionals for database processing, software engineering, computer networks, computer graphics, and multimedia applications and have the ability to write research reports well and manage Information Systems projects, present the work.

Special Skills:

  1. Have the skills to design and build computer-based information systems
  2. Have the skills to implement information system design using methods, techniques, and tools along with documentation.

  1. System / Business Analyst

    Individuals responsible for the process of analyzing, designing and modifying various systems using computer technology to ensure a better course of business processes.

  2. Software Developer

    Software developers that focus on stages or processes in software development which include analysis, design, programming, and testing, especially for business applications and databases.

  3. Project Manager

    Professionals in the field of project management, especially in the field of information technology with the main task in planning, implementing, and monitoring project activities from the initial stage to the end with a certain deliverable.

  4. Information System Auditor

    Individuals responsible for the identification, evaluation, control and security of IT systems on an organization / auditee that enable opportunities and challenges as a process improvement solution for business optimization.

  5. Technopreneur

    Professional and independent individuals with high integrity, have a creative spirit, are innovative, and have independence and proficiency in the field of technology and information systems.

  6. Information System Academician / Researcher

    Professional and independent intellectuals with high integrity, have independence in the learning process capable of producing scientific work in the field of technology and information systems.

  7. Data Analysts

    Individuals who have the ability to utilize science and technology to explore, analyze, and represent data so that they can produce information / knowledge that is useful for solving problems in business organizations.

Graduates of the information systems study program are expected to have:

  1. Expertise and ability in analyzing the needs of the organization / company / user related to the design and development of information systems for small, medium, and industrial scale using a number of systematic formal approaches.

  2. Programming skills and capabilities (at least in 2 paradigms) to create business applications and databases.

  3. Effective leadership spirit and skills to manage resources in information system projects based on a scientific, ethical, and moral approach to religion.

  4. Expertise in identifying, evaluating, and assessing running business processes to enable opportunities and challenges as a process improvement solution for business optimization.

  5. High competence and integrity of IT professionals, with a creative, innovative spirit and independence in the learning process and striving skills.


Komunitas Software Engineering - 2022


No Name NIDN Current Education Position
1 CHOERUL UMAM, S.Kom., M.M0707038202Asisten Ahli
2 BONIFACIUS VICKY INDRIYONO, S.Kom., M.Kom0718027902STMIK AMIKOM YogyakartaLektor
3 WILDAN MAHMUD, S.Kom., M.MT0704047401ITS SurabayaLektor
4 IN WAHYU WIDODO, S.Kom, MMTenaga Pengajar
5 ZUDHA PRATAMA, S.Kom., M.Kom0728019401Tenaga Pengajar


Course Code Course Name T/P SKS Smt Syllabus RPKPS
A15.21203 Public Speaking TP 3 4 Ada Ada
AF201702 Literasi Informasi T 2 7 Ada Ada
AF201703 Technopreneurship T 2 7 Ada Ada
AF201704 Dasar-dasar Komputasi P 2 1 Ada Ada
B11.6405 Pemasaran Digital T 3 4 Ada Ada
B11.6604 Perilaku Keorganisasian T 3 4 Ada Ada
F12.11501 Data Mining T 4 3 Ada Ada
F12.11704 Arsitektur Enterprise T 2 2 Ada Ada
N201701 Bahasa Indonesia T 2 6 Ada Ada
N201702 Bahasa Inggris T 2 1 Ada Ada
N201705 Pendidikan Agama T 2 6 Ada Ada
N201706 Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan T 2 5 Ada Ada
N201707 Pancasila T 2 6 Ada Ada
U201701 Kewirausahaan T 2 6 Ada Ada
U201704 Pengantar Teknologi Informasi T 2 1 Ada Ada


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