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Visual Communication Design Study Program Udinus PSDKU Kediri has been developing since 2020 until now with better developments from year to year. The Visual Communication Design Study Program of Udinus Kediri offers four specialization paths for students, namely Graphic Design, Advertising, Multimedia and Games, and Animation. This study program provides an environment that supports students to be able to expand and explore creative ideas and new ideas in the field of visual communication design. We recognize and ensure that our graduates are at the forefront so that we consider the alignment of the use of new technologies along with traditional design, understand the changing relationship between creative practitioners and society, and balance critical and strategic thinking with making new innovations in the field of visual communication design for students.The Visual Communication Design Study Program of Udinus Kediri has a network of successful practitioners and alumni who have worked in various fields including studios / design bureaus, production houses, multimedia, and as professionals such as Creative Designers, Art Directors, Web Designers, Photographers, Illustrators, and Animators.

Wassalamualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh 


Head of Visual Communication Design Study Program UDINUS Kediri 

Dr. Drs. Ichwan Setiarso, M.P


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To become the main choice study program in the field of Visual Communication Design and multimedia technology in Indonesia, which is superior and has an entrepreneurial spirit in 2025.


1.Organizing higher education based on art and information technology to produce superior graduates who are able to develop and practice their knowledge professionally.

2.Maintain the relationship and relevance of all academic activities with the needs of the development of the creative industry in Indonesia by organizing cooperation with various parties, both at home and abroad, so that the graduates produced have an entrepreneurial spirit and are able to compete globally.

3.Organizing and socializing research results in the field of visual communication design and multimedia technology through scientific publications, exhibitions, and community service.

  1. Graphic Design
  2. Multimedia
  3. Advertising
  4. Game Technology

  1. Studio/Design Bureau
  2. Advertising
  3. Production House
  4. Publishing
  5. As a professional such as Creative Designer, Art Director, Head of Studio, Web Designer, Multimedia and Animator
  6. Educational Institutions (Lecturers, etc.)

  1. Graphic Designer
  2. Illustrator
  3. Web Designer
  4. Photographer
  5. Art Director
  6. Drafter and Layouter
  7. Copy Writer
  8. Advertising Agency
  9. Multimedia Artist (includes Video Editor, Digital Imaging Artist, 3D Modeller, Game Artist)
  10. Design Consultant
  11. Creativepreneur


Sharing Session HMDKV - 2021

Sharing Session Digital Art HMDKV - 2021

Juara 2 Volunteer Plan Competition - 2020


No Name NIDN Current Education Position
1Dr. ICHWAN SETIARSO, M.P.0713106701Asisten Ahli


Course Code Course Name T/P SKS Smt Syllabus RPKPS
A15.21403 Pengelolaan Konten Digital TP 3 4 Ada Ada
AF201702 Literasi Informasi T 2 2 Ada Ada
AF201704 Dasar Dasar Komputasi P 2 1 Ada Ada
B11.6405 Pemasaran Digital T 3 4 Ada Ada
C11.38601 Subtitling T 2 4 Ada Ada
C12.02207 Budaya dalam Bisnis dan Perusahaan Jepang T 2 4 Ada Ada
E125908 Pengembangan Produk Berbasis Budaya TP 3 4 Ada Ada
F14.27205 Strategi Komunikasi T 2 2 Ada Ada
N201701 Bahasa Indonesia T 2 6 Ada Ada
N201702 Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan T 2 5 Ada Ada
N201705 Pendidikan Agama T 2 5 Ada Ada
N201706 Bahasa Inggris T 2 1 Ada Ada
N201707 Pancasila T 2 6 Ada Ada
U201701 Dasar Kewirausahaan T 2 2 Ada Ada
U201704 Pengantar Teknologi Informasi T 2 1 Ada Ada


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