Dian Nuswantoro University (Dinus University) is one of the quality educational institutions in Central Java. Dinus University is located in a very strategic location, which is in downtown Semarang and is so easily accessed by the public. The conducive culturally-civilized environment conditions and moderate cost of living make Dinus University more comfortable and convenient to study in. Dinus University can be easily accessed through various transportation modes. It is 5 minutes from Ahmad Yani Airport and 5 minutes from the train stations, Poncol and Tawang Train Stations.

Besides its very comfortable environment, Dinus University is also supported with various good campus facilities, comfortable air-conditioned rooms, and a small number of students per class. This way, teaching-learning activities can be conducted intensively and teachers can monitor the students’ progress easily. There are also several halls and auditoriums, and a library with a large collection of books. Dinus University also provides health facilities for the students at the clinic.

To support teaching-learning process, Dinus University provides laboratory and informataion technology facilities. All academic transactions are conveniently-based on information system. Dinus University is domestically well-known as an IT-based campus.

The teaching staff is a selection of distinguished individuals and is of very good quality. It consists of professors and doctors who are skillful and resourceful in their fields. Lecture material presented in the classrooms are based on market needs and employment demand. Graduates from Dinus University are well-prepared for facing the world of employment domestically and abroad.

Students also enjoy facilities to support their creativity, activity, and work. The campus provides facility buildings for student activity units so that students can explore their abilities and capabilities according to their own interests and talents. Outstanding students with academic or non-academic performances have the opportunities to get scholarships from campus.

Dinus University has committed to becoming a sustainably supporting campus for the students’ achievement in academic and non-academic activities.

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Universitas Dian Nuswantoro

Main Campus : 207 Imam Bonjol Street || (+6224) 3517261
Other Campus : 5-11 Nakula I Street || (+6224) 3520165
Fax. (+6224) 3569684 || Semarang 50131 Indonesia
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