In response to the many HIV cases in teenagers, Rumah Sahabat of Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) held a talk show with the theme "Dare to say Stop Discrimination To Orang Dengan HIV&AIDS (ODHA)". The event was relaxed but full of information. There are 250 participants; students, Student Activity Unit (UKM), and Peer Educators on Reproductive Health, HIV & AIDS and drugs from universities in Semarang. Not only the talk show, participants also provided free counseling services and VCT test (Voluntary Counseling and Testing) that the results can be seen on the same day. Approximately 40 students did HIV test at the time.
The Dean of the Faculty of Health of Udinus, Dr. Guruh Fajar Shidik, S.Kom, M.Cs welcomed this event. "The students should play an active role to prevent transmission of HIV and they should do not discriminate against people who are already infected with HIV," he said.
Two speakers, Upik Krisnawati, SKM of BKPM Central Java Province and Wawan Suprapto of Arjuna Peer Support Groups (KDS) supported the statement. Some people who living with HIV are excellent students and they came from the families with good parenting. As a manager and mother of people who living with HIV, health workers should not fuss about the risk factor how they infected, but rather focus on what is necessary infection treatment for patients.
"Asking ODHA about the risk factors would make they stress and it will impact on the decrease of immunity along with comorbidities", said Upik. They more need treatment, care and support in order to continue live their life like healthy people. With their status does not mean that ODHA do not have a future.
Wawan Suprapto had testimony at that time. Five years ago, the father of two children has managed to convince the bride to want to marry with his HIV positive status. "Because my future wife is religious and I give her better understanding about HIV, finally she wants to marry me," he said. The prevention is do not let his wife contracted HIV because of the risk of MTCT can be even greater. CD4 monitoring and wife fertile period should be considered so that HIV transmission can be prevented and she still possible to pregnant.
In the end of talk show, Upik asked that students should be careful with their behavior. Students also must have the courage to do the HIV test so that it can be treatment early. (* PR)

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