Humans and the environment cannot be separated; the environmental conditions are related to the quality of human life. In response to it, the Environmental Health Study Program of Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) held a public lecture in the D1 room on Thursday, April 13th 2017.
In his speech, Dr. Guruh Fajar Shidik, M.CS as the Dean of the Faculty of Health of Udinus offended some environmental degradations and asked the students to keep abreast of environmental issues and science and technology (IPTEK), so that when they graduate, they have competencies to compete in the world of work.
In this public lecture, Udinus presented Drs. Bambang Wispriyono., PhD, the Chairman of the Environmental Health Specialist Association (EHSA). He discussed the current issues of environmental health, including the role of environmental health experts to solve environmental problems.
"The environmental health experts should have not only the technical capability for measurement and control of environmental risk factors, but also they required to be able to advocate on policy makers about environmental issues in the region," said Bambang Wispriyono to the participants.
Technology advances cause environmental problems, therefore, it needs someone to oversee and to secure environment according to the standards. "The learning process of ??Environmental Health Study Program related with the problems in the field, so that the competency could be achieved," said the Chairman of S1 ?Environment Health Study Program, Dr. Drs. Slamet Isworo, M.Kes.
Day before in the same room, the lecturers of the Faculty of Health received write training from Drs. Jozep Edyanto, S.E. as the Director of Graha Ilmu Publisher. "Writing is not just for promotion or accreditation, but also to gain a recognition as an expert in the field," said Jozep. Not only explained the procedure of book publishing, but he also presented the tips to start to write and publish a book. According to Jozep, a lecturer has a big chance to write with scientific and research experience that they have; however, few of them that can publish the book.
Lecturers of the Faculty of Health and librarians Udinus attended the training. A committee, Dr. MG Catur Yuantari, said that lecturer has many modules. "It is better if the module or textbook can be published, so it can be used by the community," said Dr. Catur. (* PR)

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