Entrepreneurship Of Millennial Generation was the tagline of the Infinity International Seminar organized by Student Executive Board Student Family (BEM KM) of Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) on May 17th 2017 at UTC Convention Hall Semarang. This event presented three speakers namely Dr. Esther Tari DLA from Hungary, Merry Riana and Raditya Dika.
Dr. Kusni Ingsih, M.M. the Vice Rector III for Student Affairs opened the national seminar. Hundreds of participants were very enthusiastic. The first performance at the beginning was the traditional performance of wayang sutil (puppet) by Tirta Banu, the one of the female dalang (puppeteer) from Communication Science Study Program. Wayang sutil is made from sutil (in the Indonesian language is sudip, a tool to take the rice, flipping through the fried, etc. the performance of Wayang Sutil is accompanied by gamelan instruments and musical instruments from China.
Dr. Dance Esther DLA from Hungary, Europe, took the first session. She said that Indonesia’s young people are more creative than young people in Hungary. "Young people of Indonesia should be more confident and imaginative in generating new innovations. They will become successful entrepreneurs, because of natural resources that able to be utilized, "said Esther.
Merry Riana took the second section and the participants were very enthusiastic with her fun and inspiring material. "Dare to Dream Big" was the first sentence that attracted the attention of seminar participants. "No one is sure that the contest will win. But if we do not play we will not win, "said Merry. Participants are encouraged to dare big dream, to do the action and do it with a big heart and sincerity. "1000 people say “you can not” is common thing. But when you say, “can not” is the end, "said Merry Riana. (* PR)
MOTIVATOR: Merry Riana, a famous motivator, is conveying material at the Infinity International Seminar, on May 17th 2017 by Udinus BEM KM. Picture: Nandia Rathna.

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