It is a pride when people from other countries study Indonesian culture. It shows that Indonesia’s cultures are very unique and interesting to be studied. 30 participants from 6 countries was attended the Seminar of The Sixth International Symposium On The Languages ??Of Java that was held at the 1st floor of Building H of Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) on May 18th 2017. They were from Canada, USA, Japan, England, Australia, and Indonesia. "We are appreciating the seminar that deepens the local language, such as Java Language. Moreover Dian Nuswantoro philosophy is Dumununging Ingsun Angrakso Negoro, where Javanese culture is important. Hopefully, this seminar can revitalize the local language and foster the sense of pride of young people in using the Javanese language, "said Dr. Kusni Ingsih, M.M. as the Vice Rector III of Udinus Student Affairs.
The seminar is cooperation between Indonesia Language and Culture Services (ILCS) of Udinus Faculty of Humanities (FIB) with several language researchers in Java and Madura. The participants were researchers who studied linguistic language studies in the Java, including Sunda, Sasak, Javanese and Madura Languages. The participants are required to present their research results about Javanese language. It made the atmosphere became noisy when the expatriates speak Java language fluently.
"This is the example that FIB always support activities that related to culture. This seminar will introduce Javanese culture and language to the world, "said Akhmad Saifudin, SS., M.Si as the Dean of FIB.
The ILCS is a place of language services for foreigners who want to deepen Indonesian language and Java language. ILCS works together with several clubs in Semarang to provide batik training, gamelan practice, theater, and other Java cultures. (* PR)
JAVA LANGUAGE LINGUISTIC: Udinus Vice Rector III gives a welcome to the participants of Seminar of The Sixth International Symposium On The Languages ??Of Java in the 1st floor of Building H on May 18th 2017. This seminar presents linguistic researchers from 6 countries. Picture: Nining Sekar.

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