Before leaving for Vietnam International Concert Competition on June 6, 2017, Student Choir (PSM) Gita Dian Nuswa (GDN) of Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) held a Pre-Competition Concert on Saturday, May 20th 2017 in the Hall of Building E, 3rd Floor.
The Pre concert entitled "Cendratara Melody of Paradise" was from the word ‘Cendra’ which means the ability to express something, and ‘Tara’ means the archipelago. So the Cendratara concert is expected to be able to re-express the traditional songs that public rarely heard it recently.
Hundreds of visitors from Udinus students, parents, and people from the outside Udinus were attended the concert. It was opened with the performance of E-gamelan, Dance From Udinus (DFU), and the handover of the Indonesia’s flag to the chairman of PSM GDN Contingent, Nike Permatasari, and Udinus’ flag To the Chairman of PSM GDN, Lutfianda Kunanta, granted by Kabima Udinus, Rindra Yusianto, S.Kom., MT.
"The handover is a spirit symbol from Udinus to PSM GDN that will compete in Vietnam. The main goal is gold medal, hopefully they can return to Indonesia with the name of Udinus on the international level, "said Rindra in his speech.
This concert was divided into 2 sessions. The first session presented songs from the Folklore category, including Hela Rotan from Maluku, Indang Dance from Minangkabau, and Lumbu Lumbu from Banyuwangi. In the second session, 4 songs from the Mix Youth category were presented, including Ilay Gandangan which tells the beauty of the sun, Ugo-ugo tells about the longing for the couple, Nawba Isbahan - Cantos de Boda which describes the religious unity of the wedding in the North Moroccan custom, and it closed with Nyon-Nyon song. The collaborating with the conductor Alfonso Andika Wiratma, this Cendratara concert ended with a lively applause from the participants. (* PR)
CENDRATARA: Cendratara concert held by PSM GDN on Saturday, 20th 2017 to re-express the traditional songs that public rarely heard it. Picture: Nining Sekar.

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