It has become an annual tradition that Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) provides fasting meals (takjil). For Udinus students who are finish the courses before break the fast or students who will take the courses at night, no need to worry about takjil. And this year, Udinus provides takjil again during the month of Ramadan 1438H. The takjil is not only for students, but neighbors or employees are also allowed to enjoy it.


There are 2000 packs of rice and beverages distributed daily at two Udinus’ mosques, namely Baitul Ilmi and Baitul Muttaqien, before break the fast. "I take course at 5 p.m., if I go to home I’ll stuck in traffic, I choose to break the fast at campus instead. Well… There is a free takjil here, "said Roni, an Informatics Engineering student. The takjil provided at 17:20 until the break time. However, before the break time, students usually have to queue to take the takjil.


During the talk show of Vice Governor of Central Java and the Rector some time ago, many students and the public attended the event. After the event ended, students are already queue to take takjil outside the mosque. "I don’t have any class today, but I want to come to the Special Ngabuburit event with the Vice Governor and Rector, as well as to break the fast at the campus," said Dika, the fourth semester’ student of Broadcasting.


Not only free takjil, Udinus also held Tarawih (pray) and Tadarus (reading AL Quran) at the two mosques, for students and residents around every day during the month of Ramadan 2017. (* humas)

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