Various T-shirts and accessories made of fabric with Shibori motifs are displayed at Muliya Printis' stand, she is a student of the faculty of Visual Communication Design (DKV) of Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus). It is an obligatory for all students who are taking Final Assignment to join TA DKV Exhibition as one of the requirements for the graduation.
The theme of this exhibition which was held in 3 days from Monday 3rd until Wednesday 5th 2017 was "Let St'art". Aloyius steven leonardo effendi, the chairman of the exhibition explained that the meaning of Let St'art was that graduated from college is not the end for DKV students, graduation precisely is the beginning of their ability to be tested in the industrial world later.
There are a lot of concepts and compositions in this exhibition such as corporate identity, branding, Public Service Ads (ILM), book design, media promotion, multimedia and games. From that concepts, Muliya chose the book design of technical guidebook to make Shibori motif. Shibori is the art of processing fabric from Japan by using dye binding techniques.
"after we tied the the fabric, we dipped it into a liquid of indigo blue dye for about 3 minutes, and  after that we squeeze it and drain it" explained Muliya Printis . Shibori motif is almost resembles to batik celup Indonesia, but Muliya explained that there was a difference in the way of making Shibori and batik celup Indonesia. Shibori was not using Canting and Candle in the process of making it.
There are hundreds of bonding and folding techniques in the Shibori dyeing process. Each bond will produce different motifs such as boxes, flowers, and other intricate motifs. In its origin, Shibori was made using indigo leaf dye or Tarum leaves, but now we can use Napthol or Indigosol. In his stand, Muliya displaying various accessories such as mask, bandana, scarf, and shirt with blue nuance of shibori patterned.
TA exhibition was held 3 times in a year. "Usually the exhibition held a month before Udinus’ graduation as one of the requirements of the graduation" explained Godham Eko Saputro, M.Ds as the coordinator of the exhibition. (* PR / mey)

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