Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) is trusted by the Koninklijke Nederlandse Centrale Vereniging (KNCV) Tuberculosis Foundation as a sub award to contribute in Tuberculosis control in Semarang. Tuberculosis (TB) is the second leading killer in the world, and Semarang is targeted to find 50,000 suspects of tuberculosis this year.
On Friday 3rd of November 2017, the Faculty of Health Udinus held a workshop about the implementation of Public Private Mix strategy (PPM) in Tuberculosis Control at Hotel Dafam Semarang. The workshop involved several sub-districts in Semarang City, representatives of KNCV, Pharmacist, Independent Doctors, and Semarang City Officers.
 "As the only sub award of KNCV in Semarang City, Udinus did mapping, 1070 Health Service Facilities (Fasyankes) was successfully recorded from up to 2700 Service facilities" explained the Dean of the Faculty of Health Udinus Dr. Guruh Fajar Shidik S.kom., M.Cs. Pedurungan sub-district was chosen as an example of sub-district for Tuberculosis control. "Our team mapped which DPM and clinics in the sub-district that have implemented Tuberculosis Notification (Wifi TB)" he added. It was expected that the team from Udinus could monitor and supervise the PPM in Pedurungan sub-district as an example.
Maryati M.Kes Directly appealed to all existing Fasyankes in Semarang City to form concept of network to control the spread of Tuberculosis. The level of public awareness of TB treatment is still low. "People often ignore the symptoms of cough with phlegm that does not heal for a long time, but this is an early symptom of Tuberculosis virus" she explained. She confirmed the suspects TB to not hesitate to check themselves because the government bears all the costs of the examination and medicine of TB patients in TB category 1 and TB category 2. TB treatment takes 6 months or 2 years in maximum. Therefore patients need medicine supervisor so that they don’t stop taking medicine before they are claimed free of TB.
Udinus is also cooperate with Indonesian Tuberculosis Eradication Association (PPTI), where students of the Faculty of Health can help find Tuberculosis cases in their surroundings. "We are making TB study centre at the Faculty of Health Udinus, so TB can be learned by public" said Eti Rimawati S.KM M.Kes as Technical Officer Sub Award Implementation of wifi TB. (* PR / mey)

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