Took the theme "Together We Achieve the Extraordinary", Dinusfest 2018 was attended by 4781 participants from high school, vocational school, Madrasah Aliah in Central Java and also Udinus students. The competition was held in 3 days from Tuesday 23rd until Thursday 25th of January and took place in Udinus.
On the first day, various competitions such as Dinus Photowalk, Karawitan, and Dance was held at the yard of E building. Dinus Photowalk was followed by 58 Udinus’ students and 42 students from high school / vocational school in Central Java. The participants were required to capture the moments in Dinusfest in order to win the competition. A lecturer of Visual Communication Design, Maulana Muhammad, a coach of Student activity unit of Pers Students Wartadinus Agus Triyono, and an alumni of Wartadinus, Darma Putra became the judges of the competition. The winners of the competition were announced on January 25th at Dian Nuswantoro University.
Karawitan competition was followed by 12 groups where each group consisted of 17until 20 students from various cities in Central Java. The farthest participants were from Wonogiri and Kartasura. One of the karawitan judges was Prof. Dr. Supriadi Rustad, MSi, The Vice Rector I of Academic Affairs. "This is how Udinus keeps preserving Javanese culture in the middle of millennial era of nowadays juvenile," Supriadi said.
The winners of Karawitan competition were 1 Senior high school Wonogiri as the 1st winner, followed by 1 Senior high school Kartasura as the 2nd winner, and 3rd winner was Cendekia Vocational School Lasem.
From noon until afternoon, Dinusfest 2018's main stage was brightened up by 12 participants from high school and vocational school in Central Java who followed the traditional dance competition. They performed various dances such as Semarang Denok Dance, Warak Dugder, Lenggasor, Sesonderan, Juriting Wanito, and many others. "The criteria of the assessment is include the correlation between the theme and the creation of a modified dance," said Wiyanto as a judge from the Education and Culture Office of Central Java Province.
Besides those competition, there were also a lot of competition in Dinusfest 2018. There were 39 competitions to develop the talent of high school, vocational school, Madrasah Aliah students and also Udinus’ students such as Robotics, Short Stories, Poetry, Batik, Badminton, Futsal, Paskibra, Volley, Dance, Rebana, and so on. Thousands of participants competed for millions of rupiah and scholarships as the prize. (* PR / WartaDinus)

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