Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) which located right in the middle of the capital city of Central Java opened the New Student Admission (PMB) through Interest and ability Search (PMDK). "PMDK phase 2 was closed on February 3rd, 2018," said Andi Hallang Lewa SS, MM on Monday 5th of February.
PMDK Udinus is a PMB line for bachelor degree, Diploma 3, and Diploma 4 based on academic and non-academic achievement, shown in the report and certificates. There were 1200 people recorded in the PMB 2017/2018. The first phase of PMDK was started on September 4th, 2017, and the closing of phase 2 was on February 3rd 2018. The announcement of Phase 2 was announced on February 5th on Udinus' official website, www.dinus.ac.id.
"Registrants can access the 2nd phase of PMDK announcement on Udinus’ website starting today by 6pm, then re-register until March 2nd, 2018," added Andi.
In PMB 2017/2018, PMDK line will be open until March 29th and the announcement is on April 2nd 2018. Furthermore, PMB line Udinus will be opened through regular line starting on April 3rd, 2018. Registrants can register directly at Udinus, Imam Bonjol Street no. 207, Semarang, or through Udinus' official website at www.dinus.ac.id.
The development of the number of Registrants who register to Udinus significantly increasing every year up to 15 to 20%. "Udinus is known as an Anti-Narcotics Campus in Central Java, has an A accreditation, and confirmed as the 19th best University at national level and also the third best private university in Indonesia based on webometric version. All of that is our asset to provide the best service for the society, “said Agus Triyono, M.Si, the Head of Udinus’ Public Relation. (* PR / ning)

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