To support and improve the lecturers’ work, the Faculty of Health (Fkes) of Dian Nuswantoro University named some of their lecturers as the best lecturer. The assessment is conducted every semester in the form of Lecturer Performance Index (IKD) with certain criteria. The criteria of the assessment are the presence, the availability of Program Plans and Semester Learning Activities (RPKPS) in each course, student opinions based on the result of questionnaires, research and published scientific articles, community service, and the punctuality of exam questions and the score collection. One lecturer from each study program named as the best lecturer, they are  Eti Rimawati, SKM, M.Kes from Public Health Bachelor Degree Study Program, Dr. Eni Mahawati, SKM, M.Kes from Environmental Health Bachelor Degree Study Program; Dyah Ernawati, Skep NS, M.Kes from D3 of Medical Record and Health Information Study Program; and a Lecturer from the outside, Ratno, S.Pd, M.Pd. " congratulation for the best lecturers, hopefully it can motivates more your performance and inspire other lecturers in our faculty," said Suharyo, SKM, M.Kes, the Secretary of The Dean of Fkes, Udinus.
Not only encourage the lecturer’s work, Udinus also keep the quality of Fkes graduates by running the Competency Assessment (PPK) test for Medical Record and Health Information (RMIK) students. As one of the study programs that accredited A, Diploma 3 RMIK Udinus routinely performs PPK tests every semester to its students which conducted in the lab of RMIK on the 3rd floor of D Building. The assessment is based on knowledge, skills and attitude of the students. The assessment is conducted in 3 phase, the 1st phase is conducted when students are in the 2nd semester, the 2nd phase is conducted in the 4th semester, and the 3rd phase is conducted in the 6th semester. 
The materials tested include RMIK management, Codification Classification of Diseases and Related Problems (KKPMT), health statistics, and health information quality management. The difficulty of the materials are different at each level. The Head of Diploma 3 RMIK, Arif 
Kurniadi, M.Kom hoped that the PPK test can standardize Udinus’ RMIK students nationally. "Moreover, the material we use is based on the PPK Handbook published by the Association of Higher Education of Medical Records and Health Information Management (APTIRMIK)," Arif concluded. (* PR / ning)

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