Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (UDINUS) through Students Activity Unit of Aldakawanaseta held Aldakawanaseta Orienteering Competition (AOC). The event was held in 3 days, on March 16th-18th 2018. On the 1st day, participants attended a technical meeting at UDINUS, on the 3rd floor of C building. The 2nd day was the competition day which was held in Semarang, and the last day was closed with a field trip to some tourism destinations in Semarang.
The chief of the committee, Aisyah Ning said that the event was to make the bond between nature lovers in Indonesia became stronger. According Aisyah, the competition could train the participants to read map which was very important for nature lovers.
The event was open for public and also for high school students. It was followed by 300 participants from various regions in Indonesia. The 300 participants were divided into 150 teams, each team consisted of 2 people. All of them were trying to compete to win the trophy from the ministry of youth and sports of Republic of Indonesia. 80% of the participants were from Java Island and the rest were from outside Java Island. The farthest participants were from Medan. 
The committee of the event didn’t expect that the participants would be that much because at first, they were only expecting 60 participants. There were also some participants from Malaysia wanted to join the event, but unfortunately the event was restricted for foreign participants said The Vice Rector II of General and Finance Affairs as well as the coach of Aldakawanaseta, Dr. ST Dwiarso Utomo SE, M.Kom, Akt, CA. He also hoped that the event could be held at international level in the future. (PR/Alex ; Picture by: Alex)

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