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Welcome to the Doctoral of Management (Ph.D) Program (S3) The Doctor of Management (Ph.D) Program targets lecturers, researchers, practitioners, business people/entrepreneurs from various agencies, companies, universities, research institutes or other institutions to be educated to become a doctor who has the ability in the field of management based on technopreneur and digital business as well as global insight.

The Doctor of Management (Ph.D) Program at Universitas Dian Nuswantoro answers the community's demands for global development conditions which are marked by social developments that are influenced directly or indirectly by utilizing technology, telecommunications, and transportation. To deal with this social phenomenon, Universitas Dian Nuswantoro presents a Doctor of Management Program which is expected to provide solutions for thinkers and researchers in an effort to find various breakthroughs in the field of management that are needed by the wider community.

May Allah SWT always guide us all. Amien.


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To become a leading Doctoral Program in Management that becomes a center of excellence for digital-based management and entrepreneurship studies with a global perspective.


1. Organizing doctoral program education in the field of technopreneurship management and digital marketing with the support of professional human resources and superior infrastructure with a global perspective.

2. Organizing research activities in the field of digital-based management and entrepreneurship that contribute to increasing the nation's competitiveness in the international arena.

3. Organizing community service activities by utilizing quality research results with the support of sustainable information technology.

4. Carry out cooperation to improve the quality of students, lecturers and organizations with the business world, government institutions and other institutions both nationally and internationally.

5. Organizing superior managed study programs with a global perspective.


Webinar Nasional Metaverse - 2022

Seleksi dan Wawancara Calon Mahasiswa S3 Manajemen - 2022


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