The purposes of ILCS are:

To support the Indonesian government’s programs
The Indonesian government has been striving to promote Indonesian culture in many ways. Some of them are through business and tourism such as Wonderful Indonesia, Visit Indonesia, and MICE (Meeting Incentives Conference Exhibition) 2014 or by launching education programs such as Darmasiswa scholarship for foreign students. Considering the government’s efforts, ILCS supports by offering the aforementioned programs.
To prepare foreign workers/expatriates to adapt with Indonesian culture
Globalization and ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) has given influence in the increase in the number of expatriates in Indonesia, particularly in Central Java. To be able to adapt with the situation in Indonesia, ILCS prepares these expatriates by offering programs related to language and culture.
To promote Indonesian (and/or Javanese) language and culture internationally
ILCS has designed programs that have academic and cultural content to achieve this purpose. These programs cover research and publication on language and culture, and tourism. The research program is expected to facilitate foreign academicians or practitioners to study Indonesian (and/or Javanese) language and culture. Publication is aimed at disseminating the result of the research in a scientific journal or articles. Tourism program, either nature or culture, is hoped to present the real image of Indonesia and its people, culture, and nature.