Public lectures aimed at professors served as a part of pre-lecture in the Management Doctor Program (PDM) at Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus) of the 2023/2024 cohort. The lecture, an organized event by the Economics and Business Faculty at Udinus, was attended by 15 new students at an auditorium on the sixth floor of the I building.

The lecture, themed ‘The Introduction to Qualitative Method’, featured a professor in the Economics and Business Faculty at Universitas Diponegoro (Undip) named Prof. Dr. Anis Chariri, S.E., Akt., M.Co,., Ph.D. The Chancellor of Udinus, Prof. Dr. Ir. Edi Noersasongko, M.Kom, and The dean of the Economics and Business Faculty at Udinus, Prof. Vincent Didiek Wiet Aryanto were present alongside the Head of PDM at Udinus, Prof. Dr. Amron, S.E., M.M., as well as all lecturers in the faculty.

On that occasion, Prof. Anis shared his doctoral studies experience in Australia. Furthermore, he introduced the qualitative method to avoid misunderstanding. He also gave several simulations and examples in such a loose manner.

“Many folks think that the qualitative method is harder to conduct, while in reality, this method is far more efficient and quicker when someone conducts research,” he revealed.

The professor also emphasized that qualitative research did not only mean that the data was descriptive. This method also reveals the meaning behind the reality of the research. Moreover, qualitative research is obliged to tell the hidden meaning and essence residing in reality.

“In using this method, the researchers are not only obliged to replicate the informants’ perspectives, but they also need to salvage some hidden thing lying in the perspectives to generate new findings. Those are the most misinterpreted things I usually find regarding the qualitative method,” he highlighted.

The Chancellor at Udinus, Prof. Dr. Ir. Edi Noersasongko, M.Kom., also encouraged the students of PDM at Udinus to combine Informatics knowledge with Management knowledge. Thus, they could produce many innovations that might benefit the public.

“The collaboration of these two fields is the distinctive feature possessed by the Management Doctor Program (PDM) at Udinus compared to other colleges or universities. Also, we hope those innovations could resolve various problems within our community,” he uttered.

It should be mentioned that the series of pre-lecture activities has been participated by all new students within the Department of Doctoral Management (PDM) at Udinus. The head of the Management Doctoral Program also informed several matters regarding the lecturing sessions. In addition, the new students were taught Capita Selecta in the department including Marketing Management, Human Resources Management, and Financial Management, as well as the aforementioned Introduction of the Qualitative Method. (Humas Udinus/Haris. Foto: Humas Udinus)