Aktif Berorganisasi dan Berkarier Sebagai News Anchor, Mahasiswi Bahasa Inggris Udinus Fassilmi: Jangan Sia-siakan Kesempatan! | UDINUS - Universitas Dian Nuswantoro

Being Active in Campus Organization whilst Pursuing News Anchor Profession, English Student of Udinus named Fassilmi: Don't Miss Every Opportunity!


Being Active in Campus Organization whilst Pursuing News Anchor Profession, English Student of Udinus named Fassilmi: Don't Miss Every Opportunity!

Fissilmi Salsabilla – An Undergraduate Student in English Program at Udinus

When stepping into the academic world, students like Fissilmi Salsabilla would automatically gain a lot of experiences and opportunities. Fissilmi Salsabilla, a student in the Bachelor of English Program at Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus) is always active in participating in student activities. She is also known for her strong principle that says always become the better version of myself.

The woman who was familiarly called ‘Silmi’ doesn't waste her time learning at college. Silmi is involved in the student organization (ormawa) and is even believed to be the Chairman of the English Language Association (HMBI) Udinus. 

The student of the 2021 cohort, admitted that many positive things could be taken and applied in daily life from participating organizations. In addition to gaining relationships and experience, being part of an organization hugely affects her.

"By participating in student activities, you can meet other students with various backgrounds. You can hone the ability to answer various challenges, as well as practice soft skills and hard skills that we may not always get in formal lectures," said Silmi. 

“In my perspective, entering the organization changed my whole personality. It changes the way I think, the way I communicate, and in responding to a problem," she said.

Silmi also participated in the Student Creativity Program (SCP) launched by the Directorate General of Higher Education (DGHE). The program category that she took was the Social Humanities Research (SHR) Program with the title ‘Heghes dan Boster dalam Debat Calon Presiden Indonesia untuk Membangun Citra Kandidat’. Through that title, the team she led, managed to qualify for the funding stage.

Pursuing a Career as a Presenter

Not only she's active in student activities, but the woman born in Denpasar also fills her lecture period part-time on TVku, A television station owned by Udinus. In line with her study program, Silmi became a presenter who brought news in English on the T-News program. Being a presenter is also one of her interests in public speaking.

"One of the things I enjoy is being a public speaker. Being a news anchor will certainly help me to learn how to speak in front of the camera and also in front of many people. That's what makes me very interested in this field," explained Silmi.

Silmi's skills are also honed in lessons in each course, especially when presenting and speaking classes. She revealed that the most important thing that a news anchor must master is to know how to behave and communicate. In addition, self-confidence is also needed.

“One thing that needs to be highlighted is that speaking in front of the camera is much more difficult than speaking in front of many people. It takes a lot of practice and also a lot of confidence. For me, I had to practice before actually becoming a news anchor. The point is practice makes perfect," said the girl who likes to watch movies.

Kedepannya, Silmi berharap dapat semakin aktif mengeksplorasi berbagai kesempatan dan meraih cita-citanya. Ia berpesan kepada teman-teman mahasiswa, untuk memanfaatkan waktu dengan baik selama masa perkuliahan. 

“Use your time to live a balanced life. Some people say it is a ‘work-life balance'. In fact, four years of learning at college will go very fast. Time can go very quickly. Take advantage of your short time to build yourself up so that you are ready to enter the next step," she concluded. (PR Udinus/Ika. Photo: Personal Doc.)