The use of language in this millennial era have been through such an adaptation. The influence of foreign language has also influenced our language, Bahasa Indonesia. There are a lot of youngsters nowadays tend to use and proud of using foreign language rather than using Bahasa Indonesia.
Seeing the degradation the use of Indonesian Language, The Department of The Founding and The Development of Language of the ministry of education and culture of the Republic of Indonesian cooperated with Televisi Kampus Udinus (TvKU) through Central Java Language Center held a counseling of Indonesian Language for Semarang mass media manager. This event was held on Tuesday 12th until Friday 14th of September and followed by dozens of students and mass media representatives in Semarang. "We want to uphold Indonesian language through mass media. Because until now, the language in mass media is considered as the most correct language and a role model in Indonesia, "said Drs. Suryo Handono, M.Pd as Coordinator of Language Development Division of Central Java Language Center in his speech.
Similar events have been conducted in another cities such as Purwokerto, Tegal, and also Magelang. "We hope that by this event, followed by the performer of language, for example the media, could give correct example of Indonesian language that follow the rule. Because the determinant of the language use system is the user of the language itself. “Added Suryo.
The material presented in the event was about the growth of student’s writing habit, Indonesian language policy, the use of Indonesian language in the mass media, news writing techniques, essays, opinions, news, and also the practice of the usage. In his speech, Ir. Dwi Eko Waluyo as The Oppressional Director of TVKU welcomed this activity. "Hopefully there will be more cooperation with Central Java Language Center, so that the quality of language in mass media, especially in TVKU, can also be a role model for the other media," said Dwi Eko. (* humas / ning)

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