“Students need to be able to adapt in the academic realm as well as soft skill field, obtained from their experience when participating in Student Activity Unit (SAU). Soft skills from organizations and units are very important to fundamentally assist students in getting a job in the near future,” said Prof.Dr.Ir. Edi Noersasongko, M.Kom, as the Chancellor of Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus) Semarang.


He delivered this motivational speech in front of the whole student activity unit (SAU) representative at Udinus. The inauguration event took place in the Hall of E Building at Udinus. Attended by hundreds of students representing each one of their organizations at Udinus, and two among them are the Taekwondo Unit, as well as Choir Unit, called Gita Dian Nuswa. In addition, the event which was initiated by Udinus’ student affairs, was also witnessed by all organization advisors at Udinus.

On that occasion, Prof. Edi also advised all students to maintain a good relationship around the campus environment to achieve mutual harmony between organizations. Moreover, he also congratulated all student organizations at Udinus for the official chairman change in the 2018/2019 period.

“Congratulations to all organizations for the chairmen change and I am hoping that these chairmen will do their job seriously which is a position trusted by many. All students also need to create a positive atmosphere in our beloved campus,” said Prof. Edi

Furthermore, he expected all organizations to show their skills at the regional and international levels. Based on his opinion, by obtaining achievements at the national or even international level, students would be more interested in winning the next competition.

“I appreciate organizations that can gain achievement at the international level. All organizations need to be persistent, in order to achieve the highest level,” stated Udinus’ chancellor.

 During the event, each of the delegations from every organization brought their signature flag as well as other attributes. The inauguration then became a gathering event for organization members on campus.


Meanwhile, Agus Triyono, S.Sos, Msi., emphasized that the new management for the 2018/2019 batch must be able to present better achievements than the previous year. "This activity is the beginning of the new management, and each organization must compete to show their best abilities and be better than last year," explained Agustri. (Udinus Public Relation/lex/AT/ Photo: Alex Devanda)