Through her hard and tireless work. Sheila Brenda Stefani Setiawan (21) triumphantly became the best graduate in the 74th Graduation at Udinus Semarang. 
Sheila, an accounting student at Udinus, graduated with an astonishing GPA of 3,95. Additionally, she also obtained an appreciation in a form of a laptop and a scholarship from Udinus.
Sheila was grateful and proud of her accomplishments. She claimed that she did not expect to be the best graduate. Sheila said that her tireless and hard work during her study did not fall in vain. 
My success was credited to none other than my effort, prayers, family, and my fellow students on campus,” uttered the owner of the @sheilabre_ Instagram account.
During her study, Sheila, a student of the 2018 cohort, did indeed aim to get the best possible score in every course. Sheila shared that keep focusing on the lectures was her trump card when she attended a class session. Additionally, she also said that taking notes and doing assignments properly was also crucial. 
“Also, don’t forget to always be active in class when the lecturers give you an opportunity to answer questions or voice your opinions. Learning can be fun if we enjoy it,” Sheila added.
As a diligent student, Sheila was always busy pursuing her target namely, to finish her study on time and to get satisfying scores. 
Surprisingly, Sheila, born on July 13th, 2000 in Semarang, also had a twin sister studying in the same study program. Moreover, both of them graduated early, only three and a half years. By attending the same study program at the same university, Shiela often studied and shared her ideas with her twin sister.
“However, several lecturers were unable to distinguish me and my twin. Nonetheless, we hope we could be successful one day,” she uttered.
Sheila once became a champion in the 2019 Digital Accounting Competition. She revealed that she received beneficial industrial knowledge during her time at Udinus including being able to learn accounting knowledge combined with basic computer ability. According to Sheila, in this constantly developing era, basic computer knowledge is crucial.
My favorite course was Accounting Expense and Corporate Governance which I will implement upon my arrival in the industrial sector. Hopefully, I may able to pursue a career in the banking sector,” Sheila concluded. (Humas Udinus/Haris. Foto: Humas Udinus) *Foto added (kiri) bersama saudar kembar Shelma (kanan)

Name :

Sheila Brenda Stefani Setiawan – Alumni Prodi S1 Akuntansi Udinus