Working as an intern is obliged for university students. Moreover, working in Freeport Indonesia Ltd. is a priceless opportunity as Freeport Indonesia Ltd. is among the best mining companies on earth. Moh. Atho’urrohman Arief, a Visual Communication Design student at Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus) Kediri, got the opportunity to do so.
 Atho admittedly claimed that initially, he did not register to be an intern seriously at Freeport Indonesia Ltd., furthermore, his curiosity brought him a chance to register as an intern in that mining company.
His internship program was not a part of the MBKM internship program initiated by the government. Atho shared that in the selection process, he was initially eliminated in the medical test but due to the company’s policy, he was successfully chosen as a virtual intern.
“Other than curiosity regarding what a Visual Communication Design student could do in a mining company, particularly Freeport Indonesia Ltd. I had a stigma that a Visual Communication Design student was not able to work for a mining company but after being an Intern in a mining company myself, I realized the stigma was nothing but a burden in my mind,” Atho said.
In this internship program, he was assigned to the multimedia division. Atho’s jobs were to edit videos, posters, website user interface, etc.
There were so many lessons he had learned at Udinus which were useful to be implemented in the internship program, including computer graphics, web designing, industrial work, and industrial portfolio.
During his time as a virtual intern, Atho was able to get the jobs done without any issues. When he worked on a design project given by the company, he tended not to be over-creative and always followed the company’s design standard.
“In addition to following the rules, I also frequently communicate with my clients regarding what the project is all about. This step is crucial to fulfill the requested design,” said Atho, born in Kediri on August, 8th 2000. 
He encouraged his fellow students not to be hesitant to try new things and get as many experiences as possible in university. 
“Seeking experiences is important to prepare yourself for the industrial sector. Therefore, my fellow students, do not be afraid to seek experiences from outside the campus,” Atho concluded. (Humas Udinus/Ika. Foto: Dok. Pribadi)
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