As a step to preserve the forest’s environment, Student Activity Unit (UKM) Aldakawanaseta at Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus) jumped into action and planted dozens of trees. That nature-preserving process was done at the slope of Mt. Ungaran, Semarang. 
Nur Akhmad Rahmanto, the head of Aldakawanaseta, stated that the slope was chosen because it had a specific observation area. Aldakawanaseta had also cooperated with the local management party to plant Needlewood and Dammar trees. 
“Other than for conserving nature, we also plant the trees so that visitors can see the floral beauties without entering the forest,” he explained.
Additionally, there was a total of 50 Aldakawanaseta members involved in the event. Other than planting trees, they also hiked across the slope located in Lerep Satu, Lerep, West Ungaran, Semarang, Central Java. The activity was done regularly by the Gunung Hutan division from Aldakawanaseta. 
“Not only do we have the Gunung Hutan division, but we also have two other divisions namely, Susur Goa and Panjat Tebing. Each division has its respective routine activity to develop the students’ interests and talents,” Nur Akhmad added.
On a separate occasion, the associate supervisor of Aldakawanaseta, Prof. Dr. St Dwiarso Utomo SE, M.Kom, Akt, CA, wished that the event served as a soft skills training for the students. Softskill was very essential for adapting to society, including performing outdoor activities.
“By learning those soft skills, hopefully, the students will become active members of society upon graduation. Aldakawanaseta is also a perfect place for the nature-loving students and students who are fond of rock-climbing sports,” he concluded. (Udinus Public Relation/Haris. Photo: Doc. Aldakanawesata)
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