Becoming a Master of Ceremony (MC) is really such a pleasant experience for Clarissa Shafaa Irmadel, an Undergraduate Communication Science student at Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus). She claimed that she had learned a lot in this field including how to be courageous in front of an audience. 

Her journey as a Master of Ceremony has been initiated since high school. With her interest in public speaking, Clarissa became more intrigued in the field. “Joyous feelings will always emerge in me whenever the audience enjoys the event I presented,” she uttered.

So far, Clarissa has got tons of experience as an MC under her belt both in formal and informal events. She also once gained the opportunity to be a presenter in Televisi Kampus Udinus (TVKU) on the ‘Dialectical Room.’ In addition to campus events, Clarissa was also once an MC at an event initiated by the Youth, Sports, and Tourism Service. 

“Becoming a Master of Ceremony at the event hosted by the Youth, Sports, and Tourism Service is truly one of my most impressive experiences since I had to present the event in front of important people. That meaningful experience pushed my ability to turn the tide so the audience could enjoy the event,” Clarissa, born in 2002, in Semarang, uttered.

During her career, Clarissa admitted that she garnered a large amount of support given by her lecturers. She is even often offered to be an MC in various events. “Through those offers, I became motivated to keep improving considering the lecturers had put high expectations on me and were satisfied with my work performance,” she continued.

Her status as a Communication Science student and an active member of the Radio Swara Student Unit serves as a platform for Clarissa to learn more about public speaking. Elements such as intonation, facial expression, and body language are what she implements in her job as a Master of Ceremony. 

Furthermore, confidence is also the key. Clarissa explained that she boosted her confidence by going through training, conducting self-evaluation, and asking others for opinions. “I also occasionally brainstorm with experienced people in the same field to extend my knowledge,” added the owner of the @shafaaclaraa Instagram account.

In the future, Clarissa wants to hone her abilities and gather more and more understanding. Moreover, she is also passionate about sharing her insight with others and extending her relations. “Hopefully, I could keep pursuing this field and receiving support given by others,” she concluded.