Description of the Computer Science Faculty

The department's mission is to become the primary option for Informatics studies, offering the benefit of entrepreneurship capacity. With advanced infrastructure, high-quality lecturers, and flagship programs, the Faculty of Computer Science stands as the optimal choice at Universitas Dian Nuswantoro.

Computer and Informatics Science are tangible proof of Universitas Dian Nuswantoro in providing social services that contribute to the government's efforts to develop valuable and professional workforces, equipped with higher competence, specifically in Computer Science as well as Information Technology. By understanding both Computer Science and IT, the quality of our human resources can be elevated, enabling them to confidently compete in today's era of globalization. This support for globalization extends its influence on multiple aspects of human life and rapid economic growth. This also includes the relationship between technology, computer science, and information technology, all of which demand a balance of effectiveness and efficiency.

All graduates of the Computer Science faculty at Udinus are not only well-educated but also capable enough to apply their advanced skills and knowledge as a fundamental competence in shaping Indonesia for a better future.

This commitment is considered as a primary role of the educational sector's private organization, aimed at consistently enhancing its quality. This includes promoting the aspirations of Indonesia's workforce to be well-prepared for the challenges of the globalization era, with values and advantages serving as pivotal factors for general economic agents, particularly in the Computer Science Sector.

As the biggest department at Universitas Dian Nuswantoro, the Faculty of Computer Science is currently in an arrangement procedure at several flagship programs, such as vocational program, twinning, sitting, credit transfer, and fast tract.


"Becoming the most reputable Faculty of Informatics specialized in its entrepreneurship sector"


  • Providing an education based on the right competence with knowledge and dynamic public necessity.
  • Enhancing the faculty’s development and empowerment by tying partnership programs with various institutions.
  • Involving the academic community to develop a relevant business aiming to support education, research, and community service.


  • IT and Multimedia Room
  • Laboratories
  • Digital Libraries
  • Photography Studio
  • Drawing and Animation Studio
  • Gallery
  • Free Hotspot

Premier Programs

  • Twinning Program with ITB
  • ‘Sit-in and Credit Transfer’ Program with ITS
  • Vocational Program in Diploma of Informatics with VEDC Malang
  • Student Mobility, Fast Track, Credit Transfer, and Joint Research with several foreign universities


  • Producing high-quality graduates in the study field and entrepreneurship
  • Composing a dynamic academic environment with a higher responsibility
  • Embodying management education with high-class-oriented
  • Conducting research that is suitable with knowledge, technology, and art
  • Organizing an outreach program to society with fundamental insight, technology, and art
  • Menjalin kerjasama/kemitraan di berbagai bidang, baik dengan instansi pemerintah maupun swasta lainnya, baik di tingkat nasional maupun internasional.
  • Creating a service and work system that is intended to gather positive feedback from various stakeholders within the education community

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Informatics

'Superior' Accreditation

Bachelor of Information System

'Superior' Accreditation

Diploma of Informatics

'Superior' Accreditation

Bachelor of Communication Science

'Superior' Accreditation

Undergraduate of Visual and Communication Design

'A' Accreditation

Applied Bachelor of Film and Television

'B' Accreditation

Applied Bachelor of Animation

'B' Accreditation

Online Bachelor of Informatics

'Good' Accreditation

Undergraduate Program at Kediri Campus

Bachelor of Informatics at Kediri

'Good' Accreditation

Bachelor of Information System at Kediri

'Very Good' Accreditation

Bachelor of Visual and Communication Design at Kediri

'Good' Accreditation

Graduate Program

Master of Informatics

'B' Accreditation

Doctorate Computer Science

'Very Good' Accreditation