The Department of Communication Science at Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus) provided students an opportunity to learn about industry from the experts. The opportunity was embodied through a talk show entitled the 2023 Professional Dialogue Center (Procage) taking place in the auditorium located on the third floor of the E building, on Friday, November 24th, 2023.

The event was one of the outputs from the Business Communication course, as well as a series of programs from the Career Instruction course. The talk show mainly discussed Curriculum Vitae (CV) and business ethics, with Devi Purnama Sari, a faculty member, as the initiator.

Devi explained that this event was exclusively presented to students who took the Career Instruction course, namely for those who were in their fifth semester. “Many students were involved in organizing this event Within less than a month, we could create a majestic event by realizing that we all needed to keep learning,” she revealed.

“Hopefully, our students will never stop learning by finding new viewpoints, particularly for developing their careers. Additionally, we would also like to see our students following the tips given by those two speakers,” she added.

In its entirety, the show had two series of events, with the first show being a form of collaboration with Pertamina Ltd. The second talk show featured two experts, including Zahrotul Umami, M.I.Kom, a faculty member and a Marketing Communication Consultant, as well as Yova Beltz, a Human Resource (HR) and a content creator, discussing CV and Professional Ethics.

On a different occasion, Dr. Rahmawati Zulfiningrum, S.I.Kom., M.I.Kom., the Head of the Department of Communication Science, supported wholeheartedly the talk show. According to her, that insight was crucial for students to obtain new viewpoints. Several experiences shared by the speaker might also sustain their upcoming careers.

“In addition to classes, students could also learn from those speakers, particularly in terms of soft skills that are required to embark on a career professionally,” she concluded.

(Udinus Public Relation/Haris. Photo: Udinus PR)