Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus) once again garnered a remarkable accomplishment by getting clean sheets in all matches. This achievement was earned by a soccer team from Udinus, allowing the team to win the 2024 Humanion Cup.

The soccer team, which is known as Management Udinus Football Club (FC), successfully claimed victory over the home team at the finale with a score of 1-0. This close-call accomplishment shows that the campus has excellent athletes to compete against other universities.

At the cup, Denny Singo Wongso showcased his best performance, leading to him being considered the Best Player. He earned this title through his tireless dedication in leading his team not to let the opposing teams get a single goal better known as clean sheets. Denny, a student of the 2020 cohort, stated that teamwork and hard training endured by his team finally came to fruition.

“Our hard training and solid teamwork are keys to our success. Hopefully, our hard work will be appreciated as it will motivate our team to be better in the future,” he revealed.

Dr. Rindra Yusianto, S.Kom., M.T., (the Head of the Student Affairs Bureau At Udinus) expressed his pride in the accomplishment earned by the Management Udinus Football Club (FC). Furthermore, he also hoped for this excellent feat to inspire other students to seek both international and national achievements.

“I hereby congratulate the soccer team for showcasing their capability in various championships. Hopefully, those athletes can improve much further for our alma mater,” he hoped.

For additional information, the Humanion Cup 2024 was hosted by the Law Faculty at Unsoed. It is a public university located in Purwokerto, Banyumas Regency, Jawa Tengah.

At the championship, Jayanto Jati Permana also heavily contributed to the team by becoming the top scorer. In addition, there were also several other athletes bringing pride to the campus. Those athletes were Adi Pratama, Aldho Tri Pamungkas, Mahdi Mahdavikia, Ikhmannul Hakim, Dyas Alfaridhzi, Aris Setyawan, Azrul Doni Bachtiar, Hanna Aura Daffa Hariyanto, Daffa Daem Setyanto, Zefta Aulady Giffari, Ibrahimovic Zaky Raihan, Rizal Dimas Agesta, Roffi Sudrajat, and Sandi Khairul Amri. (Humas Udinus/Haris. Foto: Dok. UKM Sepak Bola Udinus)