Gaining abundant information, experience, and exposure through travel, Dextrina Celine Zaphira developed a keen interest in studying hospitality. Currently enrolled as a student at Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus), Celline recently got a remarkable opportunity of an internship abroad in Taiwan.
Her interest in the hospitality field had already come since she was in high school. Upon enrolling at Udinus, the idea of an internship program abroad gradually emerged as a promising opportunity to enhance her career prospects overseas
She said “I always think that hospitality and tourism can help me to work abroad. and here I am, participating in an internship program at Sheraton Taoyuan Hotel, Taiwan.”
Celine said that the hotel management study program of Udinus was very helpful, giving opportunities to its student to participate in the abroad internship program. She took the chance by registering herself in the program. 
“When I got the information that I qualified for the program, I was so happy and relieved at the same time,” said the girl who was born in 2002.
Before departing to Taiwan, several essential preparations needed to be done. One of the most important was learning the language, remembering the fact that language is the base of communication. 
“To prepare that, I had to study Mandarin for three months from the Taiwanese side. Those three months were when they determined whether I could go to Taiwan or not, “explained Celine.
Celine enthusiastically shared that her internship in Taiwan proved to be beneficial. It provided her with invaluable insights, especially regarding the importance of teamwork in accomplishing shared goals. These lessons are being used to support her as she embarks on her future career.
Celine Informed “Ever since I got there, I realized that helping each other was the key to work smoothly. Regardless of one's position, everyone willingly offered help, showed respect, and collaborated wholeheartedly to achieve our common goals.”
The internship spanned for six months. But there was a possibility of a contract extension for a year. During the program, Udinus kept supervising the internship so that it would run without problems. 
“After finishing this internship, I hope that there will be another opportunity to work and gain experience overseas. To all of my friends and colleagues, as long as there’s a chance and time, don’t be afraid to participate in the internship program because it is important to gain more experience in your life.” Closed the owner of the Instagram account @celina_zaphira. (Udinus Public Relation/Ika. Photo: Personal Document)
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