Starting her journey by participating in the Indonesian Student Business Competition in 2019, Serli Anjelita, an Alumna of Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus), remained dedicated to her venture in the field of bakery and pastry, known as ‘Drafuski Bakery.’ At first, the original name of her business was called ‘The Drafuski’ which is an abbreviation of ‘Dragon Fruit Skin Jam.’ As time went by, she began to develop her business and focus more on Bakery and Snacks.

The woman familiarly called ‘Sean’ has a hobby of baking various types of bread, which is aligned with her business. Currently, Drafuski Bakery offers a diverse range of bakery and snack items, including cream puffs, lasagna, donuts, and even baked apem (a round rice flour cake). Not only that, this bakery shop also provides different types of snack boxes that match every consumer’s budget.

As the manager of a business that has been running for four years, Sean, who graduated in 2021, shared a few important things as well as skills that are needed for running a business. The first step is to conduct market research to find out about the demand of your target consumer. Therefore, it's crucial to enhance our knowledge by participating in training activities that align with our interests and abilities.

“For example, I have a passion for baking, so I took a baking class and even learned independently through YouTube, continuously honing my skills. About the business capital, we can save our money first or we can simply borrow money from our friends and family. Keep in my that we have to be brave because starting a business doesn’t guarantee you from getting a profit in the beginning,” said Sean.

Sean, born in 1998, revealed the challenge she faced while managing Drafuski Bakery. That challenge is none other than the competitor. Day by day, many competitors start to open similar kinds of businesses.

“Because of that, we need to make our product different from the other, creating our own value that differentiates between our product and our competitor’s. Aside from that, we must make new strategy matching with the target consumers,” She added.

Taking Advantage of College Insights

Sean, an alumna of the Bachelor of Accounting at Udinus, admitted that she had applied countless pieces of knowledge that she got during college. For example, counting the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), profit and loss calculations, etc. Sean seamlessly integrates this knowledge into various aspects of her entrepreneurial activities. Beyond managing her business, she also serves as a staff accountant in a company that runs in the field of architectural design.

In addition, Sean, who also has a cooking hobby shared that she received a network of friends and acquaintances who share the same enthusiasm for learning about business during her college years. Prior to her success, Sean was appointed to be the head of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI PT) at Udinus. This community works as a place to learn business and entrepreneurship for students.

“Don’t be afraid to start a business. Certainly, starting a business is not an easy matter, and there will be ups and downs as well. That is why we need the courage to take the risk and believe that the result won’t deceive our hard work. Stay motivated, young entrepreneurs!!" Sean Advised to Udinus student.