The Department of Japanese Literature at Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus) will host the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). The test will open at the beginning of December 2023 to the public.

The Japanese Literature Department at Udinus has indeed been a host of the JLPT since 2017. However, this year, the campus will not only represent Central Java but also the whole nation of Indonesia itself. Moreover, the test will be hosted in various buildings on campus, including the G building, H building, C building, and D building, on Sunday, December 3rd, 2023.

Pipiet Furisari, S.S., M.Pd., the treasurer of the 2023 JLPT, explained that everyone could participate in the test. Currently, the number of participants has fulfilled the quota, namely 1500 participants. In addition, the participants are allowed to choose one of the five levels offered at the test, including N5, N4, N3, N2, and N1.

“This test serves as a facility to improve the Japanese qualification possessed by participants, both for academic or career purposes. Our campus has been routinely trusted to be the host of this test for its good facilities and infrastructures,” she uttered.

“The difference between those five levels lies in the difficulty, with the N5 being the least difficult, while the N1 level is the most difficult one. To pass the highest level, a participant must be able to read a Japanese newspaper fluently,” Pipiet added.

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test is an international certification test for the Japanese language, with the Japanese Government being its main initiator through an institution known as the Japan Foundation. The test is commonly hosted simultaneously worldwide, on Sundays in July and December. For further information about the registration, participants can visit and their official YouTube channel, The Japan Foundation, Jakarta.

Internship Opportunities in Japan

At the talk show located in the TVKU Studio, Imam Winno Saputra, a student working as an intern in Japan, was also present. On that occasion, Imam mainly talked about his experience of passing the JLPT test in July 2023. At that time, he chose the N2 level, which was the second most difficult. He revealed that he had to prepare himself for five to seven months before participating in the test.

“Learning Japanese could be easy or difficult; it depends on the individual. If we were to be fond of Japanese culture, we would be more enjoyed in learning the language,” Imam said.

Imam, A Student Who Passed the JLPT, as a Source Person at the Campus Corner Program TVKU

Imam also successfully obtained the opportunity to work as an intern in Japan through his JLPT certification. The internship program will last for a year, beginning in March 2024. (Humas Udinus/Haris. Foto: Humas Udinus)