"Being an entrepreneur must be focused and strong-willed. If you want to go forward and succeed, never step your feet on 2 different ships, "said Yoyok Riyo Sudibyo, a retired military officer who served as Regent of Batang in the period of 2012-2017, as well as a CEO in several companies. Yoyok asked to be a speaker by the Student Engineering Student Association (HMTekin) of Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) on May 19th 2017. The event was held in the hall of Building E 3rd floor, Udinus.
Yoyok told about his experience of being a soldier, entrepreneur, and the regent. Start with the moment he decided to get out of the military that opposed by his parents, and became an entrepreneur who has 64 stores in Papua, until his business must be exhausted because he left his career to become Batang Regent. "The opportunity is always there, we must be innovative and creative. Observe, Copy, and Modify. You must have well-prepared entrepreneurial system and strong leadership if you want to be entrepreneur, "added Yoyok.
The theme of this seminar was "The Young Generation with Entrepreneurship Create Ideas and Creative Business Opportunities, Innovative Toward Independent of Indonesia." Not only Yoyok Riyo Sudibyo,the committee also invited Ferry Firmanwan, Ph.D as the Chairman of Central Java HIPMI of Community Activities Unit (Koperasi UKM) and Development of Start-Up to transmit entrepreneurial viruses to the hundreds of participants.
Ferry agreed with Yoyok that an entrepreneur must be focus, be confident, be dare to have a simple idea, and never be afraid of loss. "Trial Error is normal. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to be persistent. Moreover, creative economy will be the foundation of Indonesia, and start-up is the main road. I am sure that Udinus, the best IT campus in Central Java, will generate young entrepreneurs with a creative and an innovative start-up, "said Ferry. (* PR)
TULARKAN : MAntan Bupati Batang periode 2012-2017 menularkan ilmu berwirausahanya pada ratusan mahasiswa Teknik Industri Udinus di Aula Gedung E Lantai 3, kemarin (18/5). Foto : Nining Sekar.
RELEASE: The Ex-Regent of Batang transmits his entrepreneurship knowledge to the hundreds of Industrial Engineering students of Udinus in the Hall of 3rd floor of Building E on May 18th 2017. Picture: Nining Sekar.

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