Graduating during the pandemic times is not an obstacle for Gusti Bintang Kusumaningrum (23), an alumna of the Undergraduate Communication Science Study Program at Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus). Currently, Bintang walks her freelancer career on online media.


Bintang effortlessly got a job due to her skills she got in the Department of Communication Science at Udinus. Consequently, she was offered to be a freelancer at a media in Semarang. “I accepted the offer as it was an honor for me to be a freelance writer. Moreover, the bright side was that I could try to establish other businesses at home,” she revealed.


Bintang, born on July 19, 1998, was given the position of an article writer on the business, branding, and promotion sections. Every day, she needs to write 2 articles to be published on the website. “With this job, I became more and more fond of reading articles and exploring new insights on the same topic,” Bintang explained.


During her time as a freelancer, Bintang is also active in tending her side business alongside her relatives. With the current pandemic, she utilizes this opportunity to run this business remotely from home. “I currently run a business in accordance with trends. Back then, I sold jelly milk, fruit salad, bread puddings, and brownies,” revealed the alumna of the 2016 cohort.


During her studies and stay in Semarang, Bintang once worked in an online media. However, she had to quit due to the pandemic. “Having seen the pandemic become worse and worse, I decided to wait until it ends and start a home business with my friends,” she uttered.


Bintang, a former member of the Campus Pers Wartadinus Unit at Udinus, stated that working as a freelancer was not as bad as one might imagine. As a matter of fact, it served as an opportunity to make connections with many people. “In addition, being a freelancer also serves as a platform to gather more experiences compared to monotonous office workers who work nine to five,” Bintang encouraged.


Bintang was grateful for being allowed to learn basic entrepreneurship and start-up business on campus, as well as other useful courses in the Department of Communication Science. “Additionally, being active in the Campus Pers Unit also granted me the opportunity to practice my writing skills at the workplace,” she concluded. (Humas Udinus/Haris. Foto: Dok. Pribadi)


Name :

Gusti Bintang Kusumaningrum – Alumni S1 Ilmu Komunikasi Udinus