There are many ways to make our dreams come true, including in such an unexpected way. Rhetta Sunarto (19), a Communication Science Student at Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus), is currently a Co-Hots in a show of TVKU (Televisi Kampus Udinus).

Being a presenter is a job that has been longed for by Rhetta. As a matter of fact, this job led her to be known by many people. “This has always been a dream job of mine. Moreover, this career path also offers me to be a public figure,” Rhetta uttered.


Rhetta, born on April 30, 1990, in Kendal, claimed to hone her skills and commitment as a presenter at TVKU. Through the Audio-Visual course, Rhetta was pushed to be a host in a group assignment. “That group assignment led me to the very place I am today, a co-host. Certainly, nobody with the right mind would want to miss this chance,” she uttered.

On Monday to Friday morning, Rhetta works on a talk show as a presenter. On top of that, Rhetta also added several reasons why she wanted to be a presenter, namely, the broadcasting industry had been a stepping stone for her prior to graduating.

Rhetta admitted that she had obtained lots of skills and experience as a presenter at TVKU, including being able to speak with public figures, such as government officials, and celebrities.

Despite being passionate about her job, bad things also often occur. “Sometimes, I do feel moody, but I still must keep my smile before the camera. Additionally, since I live near my workplace and campus, I must make my way to the studio on a dark rainy morning. Nevertheless, this is a challenge one must undertake as a presenter,” Rhetta reflected.


Rhetta was grateful to be trusted as a presenter even though she is currently only in her fourth semester. “Not only am I pushed to hold my professionalism, but I also must be committed and dedicated to my studies, and I want both my job and studies to the fullest extent,” Rhetta emphasized. (Humas Udinus/ning/AT/ Foto: Dok. Pribadi)


Name :

Rhetta Sunarto – Presenter TVKU