Accomplishments are crucial in improving the accreditation of a university. Through this step, the Humanities Faculty at Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus) recently gathered accomplishments at the 2019 ESA WEEK Competition.


ESA WEEK is a competition dedicated to English students held by students of the English Department at Universitas Negeri Semarang (Unnes). Angela Ranitta Kusumadewi was one of the ten finalists representing Udinus at that event. She participated in the English Essay Competition – PT category, which was themed ‘Tahitian Pearls: The Importance of Technology for Human Life.’ During the second stage, namely the presentation and Q&A session, Angela triumphantly emerged victorious with the highest point.


The first stage mainly consisted of an essay writing session, which would later be sent to the event organizer. After undergoing a selection process, the ten best essays would be selected and presented by participants in front of the judges. “Upon being announced as the top ten, I had to create a PowerPoint presentation, which I would present to the judges for fifteen minutes. Following that, the Q&A session came in with three judges as the questioners,” Angela, a member of the Student Representative Council, explained.


Prior to this, Angela also won first place at two similar events. She was proud to present a form of contribution both to the faculty and the university. “I have never had any higher expectations, but it is truly a joy to be trusted by the faculty to participate in various competitions that can improve the accreditation. For the time being, I would like to compete in other contests representing the campus,” she revealed.


The Department of English at Udinus, which is currently accredited as A, is currently striving to maintain its accomplishments. The department has won many kinds of competitions in addition to essays, including the Students’ Creativity Program (PKM), Speech Contest, Writing, and Poetry, which scale to the international level.

Dra. Sri Mulatsih, M.Pd., a lecturer who mainly instructed competitions in the field of reasoning, tirelessly supported and pushed students to participate in national and international competitions so the faculty could be accredited even higher. “Hopefully, Angela’s and other’s accomplishments could reach their highest heights; thus, the accreditation could remain as high as it is currently,” she uttered.


Angela will also be featured as a speaker at an international seminar hosted by the Humanities Faculty at Udinus taking place on November 30, 2019. (Humas Udinus/Haris. Foto: Dok. FIB)




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Angela Ranitta Kusumadewi – Mahasiswi Sastra Inggris

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