“A failure is not the end for those who want to establish a business. Learning from failures is the key to running any kind of business,” Meyta Adelianah, an Alumna of the Undergraduate Accounting Study Program at Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus), uttered.


Meyta has initiated her business named ‘Mettamate’ ever since she was a university student in 2015. She claimed that her passion for fashion led her to establish this business; additionally, her understanding of fashion design also drove her to dive into establishing her fashion business, in which she designs most of the clothes by herself.


Similar to other business owners and workers, Meyta, an Alumna of the 2012 cohort, also encountered many obstacles in her journey. She claimed that she once struggled in allocating her time to her daily job as a Project Coordinator at IS Creative and her business. “The biggest challenge is to stay consistent with my job and business. As of right now, I am still learning how to allocate my time properly,” Meyta said.


Meyta admitted that the knowledge she earned on campus was very beneficial to implement in her business. In addition to courses and lectures, she also gathered more experience through student organizations and units including the Campus Pers ‘Wartadinus’ Student Unit, the Accounting Student Association (HMA), and the Economic Business Student Representatives (DPM FEB). “During my time as a student, I learned the art of negotiating with new people, the ability to hold back my ego, and public speaking skills, which I still implement in my business and job to this very day,” she revealed.


Every business requires precise and careful marketing strategies including Metya’s business. Metya, born on May 10, 1994, utilizes the basic accounting knowledge and marketing strategies she learned on campus to help maintain her business. She further stated that those two courses were essential for new entrepreneurs.


Metya also encouraged students passionate about running a business not to be afraid of failure and to keep their consistency. “If you intend to establish a business, start it right away. Do not ever think of fear, as it would be hard to realize if you do so. Trial and error are nothing but usual things, but you can learn a lot from them.,” Metya shared. (Humas Udinus/Nuvia. Foto: Dok. Pribadi)


Name :

Meyta Adelianah- Alumni Prodi S1 Akuntansi