Committed to strengthening their bonds, the Young Staff Community at Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus) hosted an iftar at the Dafam Hotel Semarang. The iftar was attended by the whole Young Staff Community on campus.

This iftar has been a routine agenda for the Young Staff Community for years. The iftar was directly opened by the Head of the Young Staff Community at Udinus, Christyan Wisnu Wardhana, S.E., M.M.  

Unlike the previous year, the iftar was hosted with high enthusiasm, and dozens of door prizes were given to staff members. The door prizes were given through a drawing session. In addition to door prizes, a song performed by Agus Syaiful Anwar, S. Akun., M.M., also enlivened the event.   

During his warm greeting, Christyan Wisnu Wardhana, S.E., explained the iftar served as a platform for those staff members to tie their bonds even tighter. Moreover, through this event, all staff members could get to know each other.  

“Hopefully, this iftar could reduce the gap and maintain the solidarity between us, the Young Staff Community. This iftar will always be routinely hosted annually,” he explained.

The iftar, held in the Astoria Ballroom at the Dafam Hotel, was concluded with a drawing session to decide the committee of the iftar next year. During the drawing, it was decided that there were two divisions collaborating to host the next-year iftar, namely, the Library Unit and Academic Bureau. (Humas Udinus/Alex. Foto: Humas Udinus)