After 32 years of struggle, the Indonesian National Football Team U-22 finally claimed the gold medal at the 2023 Sea Games. This triumph was none other than contributions given by three students from Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus), namely Pratama Arhan, Irfan Jauhari, and Ernandi Ari.

Those three athletes are students of the Management Program at Udinus. At the 32nd Sea Games in Cambodia, the Indonesian National Team successfully emerged victorious without even a single loss. In the final stage against Thailand, Irfan Jauhari scored a spectacular goal, changing the course of the match during the extra time in the National Olympic Stadium, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This goal was an opening for the national team to score more goals. In the end, the Indonesian Team Triumphantly won with a score of 5-2.

At the match, Ernando Eri also showcased his phenomenal performance as a goalkeeper of the Indonesia National Team. He successfully deflected several shots kicked by Thai players. Despite not being permitted to play due to his yellow cards accumulation, Pratama Arhan’s contribution to the national team is not to be taken lightly, as his throw-in from the left side led the team to claim victory over Vietnam at the 2023 Sea Games with a score of 3-2.

Irfan Jauhari expressed his gratitude to all people in Indonesia, as he did not expect to score a goal at that crucial match.

“Truly unexpected. Thank God, we finally made it after 32 years of struggle,” Irfan Jauhari stated.  

Pratama Arhan stated that it was a pleasure and token of pride to present a gold medal for Indonesia in an international sports event. Moreover, he also expressed his utmost gratefulness to the whole academic community at Udinus for supporting him at the SEA Games.

“Udinus gives full support to its students, particularly us and our friends in the Indonesian National Football Team U-22. I could not thank the campus enough for its help and support, Udinus for Indonesia!” Pratama Arhan stated.   

Dr. Pulung Nurtantio Andono, ST, M.Kom., the Vice Chancellor IV of Research and Partnership Affairs, was proud of the accomplishments achieved by those three students in reinforcing the Indonesian National Team and earning the gold medal. “The phenomenal performance showcased by Pratama Arhan, Irfan Jauhari, Ernando Ari, and their teammates deserves more than a thumbs up. Once again, I shall congratulate those students, and keep up the good work,” he stated.

Those three young talented athletes will be appreciated through student funds and scholarships. According to Pulung, there were lots of football players who did not receive enough appreciation.

“We give them scholarships to carve their careers. Ten years from now, their careers as football athletes may not be as bright as they are today. Thus, these scholarships could be utilized to find a job and establish businesses,” he explained.

“We will hand these forms of appreciation to them after their homecoming in Indonesia and their beloved campus, Udinus,” Pulung added.

In addition to Arhan, Irfan Jauhari, and Ernando Eri, Rio Fahmi, one of the players in the Indonesian National Football Team, will also continue his studies at Udinus. The golden medal earned by the Indonesian National Football Team finally put an end to this 32-year struggle to attain the said medal. Furthermore, the medal also led Indonesia to stand its ground at the 2023 SEA Games, with a total of 87 gold medals, 80 silver medals, and 126 bronze medals, which make it 276 medals in total. (Humas Udinus/Alex. Foto: Dok. Pribadi)

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